Hyde Scholarships

By committing to a Hyde Scholarship, you give a student access to the best four years of their life. These multi-year, current-use gifts honor William DeWitt Hyde, seventh president of Bowdoin (1885–1917), whose Offer of the College resonates with alumni from all eras.

Case for Support

Bowdoin has long believed that the very best students should have the opportunity to learn and grow here, regardless of their ability to pay our fees. But the revenue generated by the College’s endowment does not yet meet the calculated need of the 45% of students who qualify for financial aid. If Bowdoin is to remain committed to need-blind admissions and its “no-loan” policy, we must raise an additional $4.75 million in spendable scholarship funds. Your gift of a Hyde Scholarship can help close the gap.

Key Facts

The full Bowdoin program costs more than $85,000 per student, per year. All students, even if their families are paying 100% of the comprehensive fee ($63,500 for 2016–2017), receive substantial financial support from Bowdoin — support made possible from the draw on the College’s endowment and from gifts to the College from alumni, parents, and friends.

Our peer institutions with greater financial aid resources offer grants to a greater proportion of their students. And in some cases, their grants are larger:


Students on Aid

Average Grant













Donor Benefits

  • An annual report on Bowdoin’s financial aid program
  • A letter from the student aid recipient matched with your Hyde Scholarship
  • An invitation to the annual Scholarship Appreciation Luncheon at Bowdoin, where you have an opportunity to meet student scholarship recipients
  • All of the benefits regularly associated with membership in the 1794 Society

How to Make a Gift

A Hyde Scholarship requires a $40,000 minimum pledge to be paid over four years to the Alumni Fund, in support of financial aid. Contributions count toward class goals and are reported in the annual Report of Gifts. Gifts can be made via cash or appreciated securities.

Please direct any questions to the Office of Annual Giving at oag@bowdoin.edu or (207) 725-3437.