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Environmental Stewardship


Bowdoin has long been dedicated to the common good and privileged to "count Nature a familiar acquaintance,". Your gift designated for environmental stewardship enables the Bowdoin community to protect and preserve its environment while stewarding its resources in innovative ways. For a recent update from Bowdoin’s senior vice president for finance on Bowdoin’s latest $1 million investment in sustainability measures, click here.

Sustainable Agriculture

A thriving Organic Garden. $25,000 in certified organic produce each year. Thirty different crops – including herbs and flowers – make their way into the salad bar and main meals at Thorne and Moulton  throughout the summer and fall. It’s easy to see how the Bowdoin Organic Garden makes life at the College healthier, not to mention delicious (check out the video below for highlights from its most recent maple syrup tapping season!). Your gift to the Alumni Fund helps underwrite some of the Garden’s costs, such as summer internships for students, equipment, and seeds.  

Carbon Neutrality

An ambitious effort to become carbon neutral by 2020. We’vemade significant progress in reducing on-campus emissions as well as educating students about the issue, but there is a lot more work to be done. Recent and ongoing projects include LED lighting retrofits, building weatherization, renewable energy installations and a co-generation system in the central heating plant that uses the steam to spin a turbine and generate electricity. 

Behavior Change

A “building dashboard” that tracks electricity consumption across campus. This has led to widespread behavior change and discussions amongststudents, faculty and staff about what they can do in their own life to reduce emissions. How is your first year dorm faring? What about your favorite building on campus? Read more »

Community Effort

A wide range of campus organizations that push for sustainability. Through several initiatives that involve the entire Bowdoin community, groups such as Bowdoin EcoReps and Bowdoin Green Athletes work to make sustainable habits second-nature to everyone on campus.  Bowdoin Green Athletes implemented several sustainable practices over the past year – the  men’s cross country team began recycling all of their training shoes and the women’s hockey team made a commitment to short showers, using reusable food containers, and reducing plastic water bottle use.