Location: Bowdoin / Polaris / Goals


Project Goals

The goals of Polaris, our student information system, are to deliver the following: 

  1. Central, up-to-date repository of information on all courses and course offerings; all prospective students, applicants, and matriculated students; student academic history; student housing; and degree progress that is easy to access and manage.
  2. An efficient and effective Admissions’ environment that includes campaign management, document and image management, and travel management. 
  3. An easy-to-use online registration process that supports effective academic advising.
  4. An efficient course management system for entry and management of course descriptions, rules, and restrictions that can be easily accessed across the campus.
  5. A tool that effectively manages department/program major and minor requirements, College degree requirements, and provides a simple yet comprehensive degree progress report for each student. 
  6. A self-service system that is highly intuitive and efficient for student and faculty.
  7. A system that is flexible enough to handle changes in curricular policy and the academic advising process.
  8. A tool where data is safe and secure.
  9. A well-designed system that can handle thousands of concurrent users, can process thousands of requests simultaneously, is stable, and integrates easily with other applications.