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Admissions Staff

Polaris is being implemented in phases (see Timeline for details). The core functions for Admissions have been implemented, and will continue to expand as we move forward. In conjuction with the new document and imaging management system, Polaris will benefit Admissions staff in the following ways.


  • Prospective students and applicants have an online view of their current status with the Admissions Office, including receipt of application materials
  • Admissions staff have better tools for communicating with prospective students through letter and email campaigns, as well as portals
  • Admissions staff are able to instantly view all correspondence sent to a student

Information Management

  • All components of an application are read online by Admissions staff, saving tens of thousands of pieces of paper every year
  • The Admissions Office has the capacity to generate rosters of reports 
  • The transfer of information about enrolling first-year students from the Admissions Office to Deans' Offices and advisors will be seamless