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Bowdoin's Potholm Joins Maine's Congressional Delegation in Reacting to US Actions in Libya on MPBN

Story posted March 28, 2011

Chris Potholm128.jpg
Christian Potholm

"It seems to me there's a great deal of ambiguity as to whether we're there for regime change, to take sides in a civil war or simply to prevent Gadhafi from over-running a couple of cities in the far East," says DeAlva Stanwood Alexander Professor of Government Christian Potholm in a segment airing on the Maine Public Broadcasting Network.

Potholm, along with Maine's congressional delegation, weighed in on President Obama's decision to take military action in Libya without congressional approval.

The segment mentions that Potholm, author of Winning at War: 7 Keys to Military Victory Throughout History (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009), teaches, among other things, conflict simulation and conflict resolution.

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