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An Abundance of Local Winter Fare for Bowdoin Dining

Story posted February 10, 2011


Yes, it’s February and the Bowdoin Organic Gardens are sleeping peacefully under two feet of snow, but that doesn’t mean that Bowdoin Dining Service has put aside its commitment to local farms and farmers.

Over the past two weeks, Farm Fresh Connection, a local aggregator of proximate produce, has delivered truckloads of winter fare.

  • 50 pounds of fresh basil from Olivia’s Garden (part of Pineland Farm in New Gloucester) became gallons of delicious pesto for Thorne’s homemade pizzas.
  • 1,000 pounds of organic red potatoes from Nature’s Circle Farm in Aroostock County are now nestled in Thorne Hall’s “potato room,” a cold cellar of sorts, waiting to be to be cooked and mashed with butter for the dining halls.
  • 400 pounds of rolled oats from Aurora Mills in Linneus will become the main ingredient in Dining Service’s renowned TLK granola (named in honor of Taryn King ’07, virtuoso field hockey player and friend).
  • 60 pounds of Swan’s Organic Honey from Albion has been decanted to fill little honey bears that sweeten teas and hot oatmeal.
  • 1,400 pounds of crisp JonaGolds, Empire, Ida Reds, Gala, McIntosh, Red and Golden Delicious, and Granny Smith apples from The Apple Farm in Fairfield — some destined to be grabbed; others to be baked into pies.

When Bowdoin purchases food from Maine farms and businesses, it connects us to the economies of small towns throughout the state. These dollars are re-spent in the feed stores, cafes and barbershops that sustain rural life (OK, maybe not so many barbershops). It’s truly putting our money where our mouth is.

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