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Five Bowdoin Employees Named Polar Stars for 2010

Story posted December 22, 2010

Five outstanding Bowdoin employees have been named the 2010 Polar Star Award winners. The awards were handed out this week and acknowledged publicly at the annual Holiday Luncheon held at Thorne Dining Hall Tuesday, December 21.

Eighty nominations were received this year singling out 52 individuals for excellence (see the full nominee list at the end of this article) in the areas of commitment, customer service, innovation, leadership, and teamwork.

Richard Hart.

Richard Hart, Cash Operations Night Coordinator, Dining Service, Smith Union

Nominators wrote: "Richard is known as someone who is always at the ready, with a positive attitude, the ability to motivate his team, and a deep commitment to Bowdoin....Richard provides a great service to Dining Service by single-handedly pulling together the disparate evening cash operations at Smith Union and making them function smoothly together....He has a large team of student employees whose complex schedules and complex lives ensure constant flux. Although to the rest of us it looks like a big hairball, Richard calmly wades into the midst and untangles the knot....Richard is cool under fire, firm but respectful, greatly admired, and professional....A register problem can have a catastrophic effect on sales. Richard is a largely self-taught whiz at the computerized registers, and is always at the ready to fix problems."

Sue Kellogg.

Sue Kellogg, Senior Database Analyst and Programmer, Information Technology

Nominators wrote: "Sue has been called a 'true star' and the IT backbone of several departments and someone who has a Mainer's work ethic and a deep commitment to her work....She has a wealth of knowledge about Bowdoin's processes and data and is always willing to share and help her colleagues where needed....We implemented a very labor-intensive registration process a number of years ago on a homegrown system that is unstable. Sue manages the IT side. When Bearings "spins" she is there to keep it going....Sue has been Development's primary IT support for the interface of the Student Records system, other databases, and The Raiser's Edge for a number of years and has been instrumental in maintaining accurate demographic information....You can count on Sue! She'll be there with her sleeves rolled up and doing what it takes to get things running."

Lorna Lavigne.

Lorna Lavigne, Senior Housekeeper, Facilities Management

Nominators wrote: "Lorna has been called an 'unsung hero,' someone who works hard to keep her buildings clean and welcoming for staff and students; and someone who always approaches her work with thoughtfulness, dedication and a very positive attitude!...We have a banner hanging in our stairwell that is a quote from Mother Teresa: 'You cannot always do great things in life, but you can do small things with great love.' This philosophy of life is embodied daily by Lorna in her service to all of the staff, faculty, and students whom she serves with compassion, dedication, and love....To put it simply, Lorna is the best. Her smile in the morning makes me motivated to teach!...Some students come in for their appointment early to simply read and hang out in the peaceful vibe of our living room in large part due to the fish tank Lorna created and the beautiful way that she cares for the whole building."

Dave Maschino.

Dave Maschino, Exhibit Coordinator, Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum and Arctic Studies Center

Nominators wrote: "Dave demonstrated his innovation and ongoing commitment to the Arctic Museum's programs by working tirelessly to plan, design, and install the museum galleries with the new exhibition Imagination Takes Shape....Dave transformed the Arctic Museum galleries from dark spaces with built-in cases to a bright series of galleries on which to hang contemporary Inuit art, without destroying the cases and working within a very tight budget and limited space....His simple and clever designs for climate control cases (some using fans out of defunct computers) have allowed the museum to exhibit environmentally sensitive objects while saving the College money, and he thoroughly researched lighting systems with an eye to protecting collections and reducing college energy costs....Dave showed attention to detail, energy, foresightedness, and flexibility in this exhibit project."

Joyce Whittemore.

Joyce Whittemore, Housekeeping Manager, Facilities Management

Nominators wrote: "Joyce always has the customer in mind and works diligently to ensure the campus runs smoothly, and her leadership has been called a textbook example of how managers should run their departments....Housekeeping is one of the most demanding functions on campus. Diverse facilities/areas must be cleaned properly, staff must adapt to change. Programs change from academic year to breaks, to Commencement, to Summer Programs and back again with little or no time between. Joyce ensures that this happens seamlessly....She is a great leader who has so many fresh ideas that she implements to make our department great....She is more than fair with everyone and, at the same time, makes sure everything is done and done right on campus. She makes sure the Team of Housekeepers is treated with respect, just as she treats the Team with respect....Joyce is on top of every need in housekeeping."

The following outstanding Bowdoin employees received Polar Star nominations for 2010:

Lynne Atkinson, Government
Archie Banfield, Moulton Union Dining
Anthony Bernier, Thorne Dining
Mark Bridges, Thorne Dining
Joel Burkhardt, Thorne Dining
Jim Caton, Communications/Public Affairs
Thomas Clark, Housekeeping
Anne Cornely, Human Resources
John Cross, Planning & Development
Meadow Davis, Student Affairs
Jim Diemer, Facilities Management
Mary Foye, Bookstore
Selby Frame, Communications/Public Affairs
Michele Gaillard, Dining Service
Eric Gaze, Quantitative Reasoning
Cecelia Greenleaf, Communications/Public Affairs
Sherry Guerette, Housekeeping
Richard Hart, Smith Union Dining
Kacy Hintze, Annual Giving
Laura Jackson, IT
Richard Johnston, Mechanical Services
James Kelley, Treasurer's Office
Sue Kellogg, IT
Scott Krajewski, Thorne Dining
Lorna Lavigne, Housekeeping
Genevieve LeMoine, Arctic Museum
Emily Levine, Annual Giving
Susan Lindsey, Office of Stewardship Programs
Janet Lohmann, Student Affairs
Suzanne Lovett, Psychology
David Maschino, Arctic Museum
Norm McCarthy, Thorne Dining
Angie Menard, Smith Union Dining
Denise Mesimer, Housekeeping
Mark Murray, Coastal Studies Center
Nancy Olmstead, Biology
Doris Ouellette, Admissions
Elizabeth Palmer, Art
Mike Perkins, Security
Armand Pomerleau, Grounds
Christine Ridley, Moulton Dining
Wendy Sansone, Health Services
Eloise Savage, Thorne Dining
Patty Silevinac, Thorne Dining
Lucy Smith, Library
Kristin Steinman, Human Resources
Kate Stern, Resource Center for Sexual & Gender Diversity
Donna Trout, Psychology
Glynis Wears-Siegel, Africana Studies
Doris White, Dining Service
Joyce Whittemore, Facilities Management
William York, IT

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