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Serving the Common Good: Gordon Clark '03

Story posted October 18, 2010

Gordon Clark '03 is several years — and several thousand miles — out and away from Bowdoin, but as Emily Neilson '11 writes, the College's ideals of serving the common good have endured within him.

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Gordon Clark '03

Bowdoin's 12th Annual Common Good Day, held Sept. 25, 2010, was a success with members of the Bowdoin community dedicating their time and energy to help others.

But participation in the event was not limited to just the Brunswick area.

Gordon Clark '03 is a Polar Bear who continues to adhere to the College’s tradition of community service.

Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good

More about Common Good Day 2010 here.

Check out the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good Web site, offering continuously updated content regarding community service opportunities, a schedule of events and other happenings.

As part of Common Good Day, he led a coastal cleanup project in San Francisco.

Clarke, an accomplished member of the crew team while at Bowdoin, now works for the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) based in Palo Alto, Calif.

The organization works to convince land owners to put development easements on their properties to protect the land from development.

POST has worked to create a wildlife corridor that runs down the San Francisco peninsula and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range.

Clark has been involved in several multimillion dollar deals that have preserved tens of thousands of acres.

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