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Library Exhibition: A Day in the Life — Learning, Laughing and Letting Go

Story posted October 11, 2010

Like the death and taxes that haunt the world outside the Bowdoin bubble, there are two inevitabilities that Bowdoin students will confront during their time on campus.

First, they will study very hard. With a solemnity appropriate to Bowdoin's august tradition of academic excellence, students can expect to devote countless hours cloistered away with books, computers and Petri dishes, wrestling with ideas, challenging preconceived notions and becoming intimately familiar with the time honored truth that learning is labor.

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Second, with their minds groaning under the accumulated and ponderous weight of this steadfast contemplation and reflection, they will cast about for ways to play and enjoy the lightness of being that comes from being surrounded by such a remarkable group of people in such a remarkable place.

But overarching these two certainties is an even more powerful and inescapable reality: no matter how much effort they put into study or play, at some point in their not too distant futures their daily walks on campus must come to an end, and goodbyes will have to be said. Happily, for a vast majority of students this leaving involves walking away with a bachelor's degree and entering a world full of possibilities.

A Day in the Life celebrates these inevitabilities of Bowdoin life by taking a historical look back on how three important parts of students' lives — examinations, Ivy Day and Commencement — have been experienced for more than two centuries.

The exhibition, located on the second floor of Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, runs through December 2010, seven days a week. Call 207-725-3288 for more information.

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