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Blogging Abroad: Chris Houdlette '12 Shares Experiences from China

Story posted September 07, 2010

Many of the Bowdoin students involved in off-campus study programs are blogging about their experiences as a way of sharing what they've learned for the benefit of friends, peers and others.

Chris Houdlette '12 spent the summer in Hangzhou and Beijing, China, and continues his off-campus study program during the fall semester.

Chris Houdlette128.jpg
Chris Houdlette '12

Houdlette, an Asian studies and government and legal studies double major from Pittston, Maine, regularly updates his blog, Dropped Chopstick, with detailed and engaging descriptions of his experiences in China.

An excerpt from a recent blog post:

The most interesting site we visited this week was definitely the [Terracotta Warriors]. The Terracotta Warriors are part [the first emperor of China's] elaborate tomb. He unified China and ended the Warring States period and therefore deserved a really awesome tomb (and he got it!). The English guide we hired told us all about the perfect Feng Shui of the tomb's location (jade and mountains on one side, water and gold on the other) and the huge amount of work that went into making the tomb (over 700,000 workers). We sat transfixed on the elaborate story she told us as we waited in line, but as we entered pit one and saw this amazing sight our jaws completely dropped.

Houdlette wide516.jpg
From Chris Houdlette's blog, Dropped Chopstick.
We walked into a hulking aircraft sized building housing pit 1 which houses 6000 warriors and horses (only 1000 have been unearthed) and saw the motionless assembly of soldiers below me.
Houdlette cu516.jpg
From Chris Houdlette's blog, Dropped Chopstick.
The Terracotta warriors were an amazing site and I am so so so so fortunate to be able to see one of the world's coolest places. Xian was a great way to finish out my travelling and had such interesting things to do and see.

Visit Houdlette's Dropped Chopstick blog.

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