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David Vail Report Recommending Maine Rural Tourism Investment on MPBN

Story posted August 16, 2010

Adams-Catlin Professor of Economics David Vail has authored a report on behalf of the Maine Center for Economic Policy recommending the state invest $100 million in tourism efforts for Maine's rural areas

Vail spoke about the report in a segment that aired on the radio stations of the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN).

David Vail140.jpg
David Vail

The report, "Economic Development Investments to Realize Rural Maine's Tourism Potential," recommends the state make the investments over five years to beautify downtown areas, expand high-speed Internet and make infrastructure improvements in Piscataquis, coastal Washington and northern Franklin counties. Read the report.

An excerpt from the MPBN story:

"For the past five, or so years, we've been calling those experiential tourists," vail said. "They're people who are certainly interested in outdoor recrecational activities but they also have a strong interest and, really a demand for destinations that include arts, culture and heritage attractions and certainly good dining, shopping and lodging opportunities."
Vail says Portland is a prime example of an experiential destination. But he says communities such as Farmington in Franklin County, for example, have a lot going for them, including a charming downtown and university. "Farmington has the potential to be very attractive gateway to all the natural attractions in the Sugarloaf, Rangley, Flagstaff regions," said Vail.

Listen to the segment/read the text of the story.

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