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Michael 'Tug' Buse '01 Tracing History In Homemade Wooden Boat

Story posted July 13, 2010

Michael "Tug" Buse '01 knew what was in store when he named his 14-foot homemade wooden sailboat Adventure.

Buse, a history major, left Sioux City, Iowa, August 17, 2009, on a 14-month, 4,000-mile journey that would take him to such historic sites as Fort McHenry in Baltimore, Md., where Francis Scott Key wrote the "Star Spangled Banner," and to the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., to see the very flag about which Key wrote.

Tug Buse200.jpg
Tug Buse '01

The journey is chronicled in an article in the Sioux City Journal.

Excerpt from the article:

It segued into a side trip to Gettysburg, Pa., where 50,000 soldiers were killed or wounded in three days. "Had the Union Army lost at Gettysburg, the Union probably would have lost the Civil War," Buse said. "And there would likely be another nation to the south."
It is a place where Buse found more facts on his Civil War hero Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Buse learned Chamberlain held the left flank for the Union Army at Gettysburg. He even orchestrated a bayonet charge to drive the Confederates back.
There is a connection. Chamberlain was a native of Maine. He attended, graduated from and later taught and served as president of Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine.
It's where Buse went to college. It's where he's headed once he leaves Norfolk.

Read the article.

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