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Bowdoin Books Bound for Kabul

Story posted June 17, 2010

Responding to the need for English-language books at Kabul Polytech University (PUK) in Kabul, Afghanistan, Bowdoin students have donated hundreds of books that will soon be shipped overseas.

PUK, devastated by decades of war, has been left without many of the essentials needed by a functional university, among them English-language textbooks.

Kabul books200.jpg
Twenty-two boxes of books bound for Kabul Polytech University in Afghanistan wait to be picked up at the Textbook Center, Coles Tower.

Noah Buntman '08 and Emily Scott '04, who have traveled to Kabul and seen the need at PUK firsthand, worked with Matt Yantakosol, president of the Class of 2010, to spearhead the effort, which also engaged Bates and Colby colleges.

"The success of this book drive is a complete testament to the type of students and student leadership at Bowdoin," says Buntman.

"The 'common good' is a phrase thrown out a lot, but students' enthusiasm and generosity during this book drive once again reminded me that 'common good' is a quality entrenched in the Polar Bear value system — namely, the ability to give and be generous to a place and a people that you have, most likely, never seen or been to before."

The Bowdoin effort collected 22 boxes of science, math and other textbooks, as well as works of poetry and literature.

"These books may be a small gesture for any who donated, but the impact will be exponential," says Scott.

"Students who study at these universities go on to work in the ministries and offices of the Afghan government along with the private sector, and any support we can provide them in their educational careers will carry over into their professional careers."

Buntman is scheduled to pick up the books June 18, 2010.

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