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Emily Guerin '09 is 'Living on Earth' on the Radio

Story posted May 15, 2010

Federal prisons considering wind power and manmade Venus fly traps designed to clean up nuclear waste are the stuff of "Living on Earth," a public radio show for which Emily Guerin '09 is an intern.

Emily Guerin150.jpg
Emily Guerin '09

Guerin, of Harpswell, Maine, wears a lot of hats: writer, reporter, producer and editor for the weekly national program whose focus is environmental news and information

"I love to talk to people all over the country about environmental issues in their area," says Guerin, who was the recipient of both a Mellon Global Environmental Studies Student Fellowship and the College's 2009 Creative Nonfiction Prize.

"At its best, it's like listening to an intelligent friend tell a good story."

Guerin produces interviews with guests on such topics as climate change in the media, bark beetles, environmental causes of autism and coverage of the Gulf oil spill; she also writes and records the short segments, "Cool Fixes for a Hot Planet."

Listen to Guerin and the "Living on Earth" radio show online.

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