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Coastal Studies Center, Academic Program Highlighted in Maine Sunday Telegram

Story posted March 19, 2010

Bowdoin's Coastal Studies Center (CSC) on Orr's Island between Harpswell Sound and Long Cove is the subject of an article in the March 14, 2010, edition of the Maine Sunday Telegram.

The article, which offers details of the hiking opportunities, also includes a perspective on the academic mission of the CSC.

exploring the beach

An excerpt from the article:

"The goal is to inspire faculty and student research and creative projects," says Rusack Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology and Director of the Environmental Studies Program Phil Camill. "It's a neat mix of disciplines from all parts of the campus."
On site is a marine laboratory with running seawater, a terrestrial laboratory, an art studio, a pier and ocean buoy, and a farmhouse for meetings, classes and quiet study.
"The center is a unique opportunity for Bowdoin to showcase many of the academic opportunities that we offer," Camill said. "It helps open students' eyes to see firsthand how the coastal environment shapes the human experience."

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Bowdoin's Coastal Studies Center is

The farmhouse-turned-classroom at Bowdoin's Coastal Studies Center.
  • A natural, protected environment with 2.5 miles of intertidal shoreline and 118 acres of woodlands and fields

  • A marine laboratory with running seawater

  • A terrestrial laboratory and art studio, a pier for year-round research and access to vessels during the open water season, an ocean buoy for scientific research and a converted farmhousep

  • A place for faculty and students to do research and conduct projects

  • A place to walk and reflect, to appreciate nature and biodiversity, to contemplate the coastal environment in its artistic, economic, historic, literary, scientific and social contexts

  • A setting that encourages interdisciplinary understandings of coastal topics

Bowdoin is in a unique position to enrich the global intellectual community by connecting coastal studies, Arctic studies and environmental studies.

With its place on the coast of Maine, its 147-year history of research and teaching about the Arctic, and its diverse group of outstanding faculty members interested in the issues surrounding global climate change, the College offers opportunities for students to study coastal issues in Maine and worldwide.

Global Change Blog

A new blog, Global Change: Intersection of Nature and Culture, by Philip Camill, Rusack Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology and Director of the Environmental Studies Program, explores big questions about society and environmental change.

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