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McKeen Center Asks Alumni: What Literature Has Influenced You?

Story posted March 05, 2010

The Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good is assembling a campus installation in conjunction with the spring Seeking the Common Good series program, "Literature as a Lens on the Common Good."

Seeking the Common Good


Seeking the Common Good, a yearlong series of public events, reflects the role of the Joseph McKeen Center for the Common Good to encourage and support learning and reflection about the meaning of the common good and to increase understanding and dialogue to help address issues of broad public concern.

View the entire Innovation for Change schedule here.

Its aim is to highlight the ways in which literature helps shape or reflect our views of the common good and how it has had an influence, profound or subtle, on people's lives.

If there's a written text that has changed the way you look at the world, inspired you to action, or informed your academic or professional path, the McKeen Center would like to hear from you.

Alumni interested in sharing their perspectives are asked to select a short passage (approximately 100 words) from a favorite text (fiction or non-fiction book, essay, poem, play, speech, etc.) and send it, along with a digital photograph of themselves, to Janice Jaffe at or Shelby Davies at

Please include the title of the text and the author's name.

The texts will be featured on the McKeen Center Web site and in the "Bowdoin Reads" section of the Hawthorne-Longfellow Library Web site during the month of April.

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