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Bowdoin Employees Honored with the 2009 Polar Star Awards

Story posted December 22, 2009

Five outstanding Bowdoin employees have been named the 2009 Polar Star Award winners. The awards were handed out last week and acknowledged publicly at the annual Holiday Luncheon held at Thorne Dining Hall Tuesday, December 22.

Ninety nominations were received this year singling out 57 individuals for excellence (see the full nominee list at the end of this article) in the areas of commitment, customer service, innovation, leadership, and teamwork.

2009 Polar Star Award Winners

Barbara Harvey.

Barbara Harvey, Circulation/Government Documents Assistant, Hawthorne-Longfellow Library

Nominators wrote: "Barbara, the 'Queen of E-Reserves,' is well known for her commitment to the Bowdoin family, to providing excellent service wherever it's needed, and to going the extra mile....Barbara is a dynamo! She tackles everyday tasks and special projects alike with unflagging energy, creativity, and determination, all of which ensure that the Library's patrons receive outstanding service....She is well respected and appreciated by those who rely on her expertise and dedication to outstanding service....She devoted much time to ensuring the smooth operation of the Music Library last year when we were awaiting the arrival of the new music librarian."

Stella Crooker.

Stella Crooker, Senior Housekeeper, Facilities Management/Housekeeping

Nominators wrote: "Stella provides continued, extraordinary service and always takes extra care to provide customers exactly what they want....Stella continually takes the steps necessary to keep her areas looking great, which has a very positive impact on the members of the public and visiting admissions guests....She takes the time to go beyond the standard maintenance and puts in the extra effort. We all benefit from her great care and extraordinary attention to detail....Stella blesses us with an abundance of common sense....She goes above and beyond to take care of all the little things that add up to make a huge difference. She knows it's that extra touch that demonstrates Bowdoin's hospitality and customer service."

Josie Johnson.

Josie Johnson, Academic Department Coordinator, Department of History

Nominators wrote: "Josie is a creative problem solver who implemented a streamlined online advising system for history majors, making many tasks easier and freeing up faculty to devote time to their students and research....The automation and data control that Josie has pioneered has allowed us to analyze our department functions in ways never possible before, and place the office on a new footing. A data revolution has happened under Josie's watch....She has a genuine investment in improving how the department operates, from creating and implementing a new online advising system for history majors, to doing large amounts of quantitative research to help the department prepare for a ten-year review....She has proven to be nothing short of an academic Mary Poppins, who literally saved out department. She patiently figures out how to extract me from whatever technological cul-de-sac I've managed to end up in....In her incarnation as an American folk and roots musician, she created a 90-minute program of American music during which she interpreted a range of canonical songs. There's quite a bit going on here behind Josie's Oz-like curtain."

Tim Ryan.

Tim Ryan, Associate Director, Athletics

Nominators wrote: "Tim's hard work and vision was invaluable as Bowdoin adopted the new Polar Bear identity, and his work reducing the budget is a clear example of his leadership during these tough economic times....The introduction of the new Polar Bear identity had a profound impact on the athletics department, and its successful adoption would not have happened without Tim Ryan's hard work....He is efficient, level-headed, and fun to work with. I'm grateful for his clear-headed vision....Tim leads with clarity and efficiency....He is largely responsible for athletics reducing its budget and trimming the fat last year. He is the perfect example of needed leadership in these economic times, and has earned the respect and admiration of his peers."

Rany Soeun.

Rany Soeun, Dining Service Aide II, Thorne Hall

Nominators wrote: "Rany is a ball of energy who, the ultimate team player, and someone who motivates by example....Over the past few years, Rany has become the ultimate team player. She is always willing to adjust her schedule to the needs of the operation....Every one of her co-workers enjoys working with her. She motivates them positively and by example....She will work wherever we need her the most. She is also a ball of energy. If we're shorthanded, she always helps us pick up the slack. We look at Rany as an employee we could all strive to emulate."

Prior to announcing the winners, President Barry Mills additionally acknowledged the extraordinary team of people from many different campus departments who assisted with responding to this fall's swine flu situation. Literally dozens of employees worked tirelessly in helping with the outbreak, and Bowdoin has been commended for a job well done.

The following outstanding Bowdoin employees received Polar Star nominations for 2009:

Joanne Adams
Lynne Atkinson
Bedina Austin
Amy Bai
Jeanne Bamforth
Tony Bernier
Cindy Bessmer
Chris Bird
Cindy Breton
David Burgess
Michael Cobb
Thom Colkitt
Anne Cornely
Mary Cote
Stella Crooker
Allen Delong
Susan Dorn
Anita Erickson York
Mark Fisher
Mary Foye
Michele Gaillard
Trish Gipson
Susan Graham
Nancy Grant
Cecelia Greenleaf
Jody Griffin
Richard Hart
Barbara Harvey
AnneMarie Hautala
Margaret Hazlett
Heather Hietala
Josie Johnson
Sue Kellogg
Sharon Kempf
Leo Lacey
Lorna Lavigne
Mark Leaman
Jocelyn Lloyd
Catherine McCarthy
David McCarthy
Nicole Plummer
Patricia Pye
Lori Quimby
Timothy Ryan
Robin Saindon
Patty Silevinac
Bree Simmons
Tim Smart
Lucy Smith
Rany Soeun
Dighton Spooner
Kristin Steinman
Heather Stephenson
Lynne Toussaint
Ryan Weed
Julia White
Joyce Whittemore
Dana Wilson

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