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The Sunday Times: Scanlon's Bad Girls a Good Gift

Story posted December 10, 2009


The Sunday Times recommends its readers take Bad Girls home for the holidays.

The largest-circulation Sunday newspaper in the UK lists Professor
of Gender and Women's Studies Jennifer Scanlon's
biography, Bad Girls Go Everywhere: The Life of Helen
Gurley Brown
(Oxford University Press, 2009) second among a list of 13 biographies in its compilation, The Sunday
Christmas Books, which appeared in the November 29, 2009, edition.

An excerpt:

Before this bracing biography, nobody knew quite what to make of Gurley Brown, the famous editor of Cosmopolitan and the first free-market feminist. A hillbilly from Little Rock, Arkansas, Gurley Brown was horrified by the prospect of becoming a 1950s housewife, so she set out to build herself a career. Her personal philosophy (that women should work because work provides men and money, money buys independence, and men find independence sexy) shaped a whole generation of Cosmo-reading Carrie Bradshaws.

Good Times

Jennifer Scanlon

Scanlon's Bad Girls is no stranger to The Times. The inclusion of the book on The Sunday Times Christmas Books list marks the fourth appearance in its pages in six months.

Scanlon's book has been featured in major magazines and newspapers around the globe, earning critical acclaim the world over.

See a compilation of reviews and media coverage for Bad Girls Go Everywhere and learn more about the book here.

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