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Scanlon's Cosmopolitan Take on Shoes in The New York Times

Story posted October 15, 2009

For the fourth time in five months, Professor Gender and Women's Studies Jennifer Scanlon and Bad Girls Go Everywhere, her biography of longtime Cosmopolitan editor Helen Gurley Brown, are in The New York Times.

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The October 8, 2009, opinion piece, "Why We Love the Shoes That Hurt Us," features Scanlonís contribution, "The Risks, the Rewards," which addresses how the denizens of our consumer culture weigh the risks of practices such as wearing sexy high-heels with the rewards of feeling fashionable and desirable.

"As Helen Gurley Brown realized, women are no better — and no worse — at making decisions big and small than men are. They simply have more shoes to choose from — and make a wider range of choices," writes Scanlon.

"The ultimate arbiters have to be women themselves, who quickly enough learn that they can't walk in certain heels, or sit down in certain skirts, or stay sufficiently warm in certain coats. The advice Helen Gurley Brown might give to the advice givers: don't get caught between a rock and a high heel."

Read the article.

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