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Dayton, Druckenmiller Parking Construction Work Underway

Story posted August 31, 2009

Construction of a new parking lot on the site of the former Dayton Arena got underway August 21, 2009. This project includes the construction of a 95-car lot, changes to the existing entrance into the Druckenmiller lot from Sills Drive, and the elimination of the parking spaces along Sills Drive and College Street.


The plan (above) shows the anticipated phasing of construction, which will start with changes to the Druckenmiller lot entrance. These changes will allow bus access and the relocation of the existing bus stop on Sill Dr.

The second phase involves the removal of the head-in parking along Sills Dr. due to safety and traffic concerns.

The third phase will be the construction of the new lot and associated storm water systems. Once the new lot is in use, contractors will remove the gravel lots along Sills Dr. and College St.

In order to keep work crews safe and provide access for construction equipment, some entrances will be closed and parking spaces blocked.

Vibrations from the work may be felt in nearby buildings; when possible advance notice will be given to faculty. Specific concerns regarding the vibration should be directed to Capital Projects Manager John Simoneau at 725-3979.

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