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Marine Brendan Murphy '07 in Washington Post Article, Video

Story posted August 19, 2009

On the ground in southern Afghanistan battling the Taliban as part of the largest American military operation in years, 2nd Lt. Brendan Murphy '07 has responsibilities others cannot fathom.

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Brendan Murphy '07

Murphy is part of the 2nd Battalion, 8th Marine Regiment, a unit that lost one of its own July 23, 2009, when a bomb blew to pieces the Humvee Lance Cpl. Jeremy Lasher was driving.

A few hours later, Murphy was given the dangerous assignment of recovering the vehicles at the bomb site.

The August 11 edition of The Washington Post details the episode as Murphy briefed those in his convoy about the perils that lay ahead.

"They know we're coming into the area to do the recovery," says Murphy in the article, "Potent Bombs Slow Marine Offensive." Predicting an attack near the bomb site, he added, "Be aggressive on the weapons systems."

2nd Lt. Brendan Murphy '07 is featured in the video, "Marines Traverse Dangerous Paths in Southern Afghanistan," which accompanies the Washington Post's online story. Murphy appears one minute into the clip.

The 15-mile trip to the scene of the bombing would take more than 16 hours, due to forced detours because of soft sand. The article goes on to explain how Murphy left to carry out the recovery mission in 115-degree heat.

Bowdoin Bond: Marines in the Media
murph and dave200 .jpg
Former football teammates 2nd Lt. David Donahue '07 (left) and 2nd Lt. Brendan Murphy '07.

National Public Radio (NPR) has embedded a news crew with Murphy's unit, calling its ongoing series "America's Battalion."

More about NPR's coverage here.

David Donahue '07, also a second lieutenant in the Marines and a former teammate of Murphy's, is the focus of a New York Times Magazine essay written by his grandmother, novelist Anne Bernays.

More about Donahue and the New York Times Magazine "Lives" column here.

Then came the explosion. Murphy's team had been hit by a bomb.

A gunner with Murphy was not badly hurt, and his crew began the work of loading the twisted skeleton of the Humvee for which they had come onto a truck — and hooking up the mine-resistant truck in which they arrived on the scene to be towed.

Read the Washington Post article.

Murphy, of Winthrop, Mass., double-majored in English and government and legal studies. He was also a defensive back on the football team, serving as a captain his senior year. Murphy received his commission immediately following Commencement May 26, 2007.

John Murphy, Brendan's father, says he knows Brendan and his platoon would appreciate care packages and messages of support.

They can be mailed to:
2nd Lt. Brendan Murphy, USMC
2nd Battalion, 8th Marines
H&S Company
Unit 73225
FPO AE 09510-3225

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