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Donald Krogstad '65 Awarded Fulbright for Malaria Work

Story posted June 05, 2009

Dr. Donald Krogstad '65 has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship toward his work developing anti-malarial drugs.

Krogstad, Henderson Professor of Tropical Medicine at the Tulane Center for Infectious Diseases in Louisiana, has dedicated much of his career to the research and treatment of malaria.

Donald Krogstad150.jpg
Donald Krogstad '65

It was as a fourth-year medical student in Haiti that he first became interested in tropical medicine.

"That experience opened my eyes to diseases like tetanus and diphtheria," Krogstad says, "and to the overwhelming health needs of impoverished populations in the tropics."

The Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Bamako in Mali from the International Council for the Exchange of Scholars will help support Krogstad's time in Mali during the next several years, as he conducts studies of AQ-13, an anti-malarial drug he's worked to develop.

"The rationales for this award are that: our studies now involve three of five faculties at the University of Bamako, Science, Medicine, Humane Letters; we have trained seven and 22 Malian faculty, respectively, in Ph.D. and MPH programs at Tulane, all of whom have returned to work at the University of Bamako; and the only way to ensure the record-keeping needed to meet FDA requirements is for me to be on-site in Mali for a considerable period of time as these studies begin and to follow-up on multiple occasions as they continue during the next four years," says Krogstad.

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