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Olympic Goals for Kayaker Alex McLain '11

Story posted May 14, 2009

Alex McLain '11, having finished second to an Olympian from South Africa in the 2008 U.S. Surfski Championships in San Francisco last fall, is effectively the fastest female paddler in the country and her sights are set on London and the 2012 Olympic Games.

Alex McLainHappy200.jpg
A happy Alex McLain '11 with her medal after the 2008 U.S. Surfski Championships in San Francisco.

McLain is the subject of the article, "A Dream Coming in Waves," in the May 6, 2009, edition of the Portland Press Herald.

Read the article.

To compete in the Olympics, McLain would have to make the transition from long ocean races in the surfski — a long, sit-on-top kayak — to flat-water sprints of 1,000 meters or less in a shorter, narrower kayak with a cockpit.

"I definitely hope to make the transition over the next few years to sprint racing," says McLain in the article. "But for now my training is more for the marathon."

The article also notes that McLain's father, Rod McLain, is a two-time Olympic canoeist and includes an anecdote about McLain's mother's Olympic experience.

Read more about McLain's experiences at the 2008 U.S. Surfski Championships.

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