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Bowdoin in the News: April in Review

Story posted April 29, 2009

Al Roker goes ga-ga for a Plush Peary doll on the Today show, Professor Jennifer Scanlonís biography Bad Girls Go Everywhere has been getting ink all over the place (including two mentions in one week in The New York Times) and Government Department Coordinator Lynne Atkinsonís touching story of finding the POW whose name was etched in a bracelet she wore as a child were just some of the stories putting Bowdoin in news this April.

The Washington Post (April 30, 2009)

Joel Achenbachís column, "The Endless Options of the College Tour," details the tours he's taken as the father of three daughters and lists Bowdoin among the likes of Amherst, Cornell and Dartmouth in what he calls "the thick seam of colleges in the bedrock of the eastern seaboard." Read the article.

Sports Illustrated (April 27, 2009)


The article, "Fall From Grace," provides an excerpt of American Icon: The Fall of Roger Clemons and the Rise of Steroids in Amerca's Pastime, co-authored by Nathaniel Vinton '01.

Vinton co-wrote the book with fellow New York Daily News investigative reporters Teri Thompson, Michael O'Keefe and Christian Red.

The team's original reporting for the Daily News won the Associated Press Sports Editors award for Best Investigative Reporting in 2008.

Read the article and excerpt from American Icon here.

The New York Times and Scanlon's Bad Girls Go Everywhere


Professor of Gender and Women's Studies Jennifer Scanlon and her critically acclaimed book, Bad Girls Go Everywhere: The Life of Helen Gurley Brown (Oxford University Press, March 2009) were reviewed twice in one week in The New York Times.

The biography of the longtime Cosmopolitan magazine editor was reviewed in April 26, 2009, The New York Times Sunday Book Review.

Read the review.

Jennifer Scanlon

Four days earlier, on April 22, Scanlon and the book were front and center as the cover story of the Arts section in the paper's coveted "Books of the Times" feature. The article, "Helen Gurley Brown: The Original Carrie Bradshaw," offers a glowing review of Scanlon's work.

"Ms. Scanlon covers this territory gracefully and concisely," notes the article; other kudos to Scanlon's research and writing are sprinkled throughout the review.

Read the review and see the list of major publications that have also reviewed Bad Girls Go Everywhere.

The Boston Globe (April 24, 2009)


New York Cool: Painting and Sculpture from the NYU Art Collection, a nationally travelling exhibition at the Museum of Art through July 19, 2009, is the focus of the review, "The Cool Crowd."

The online version includes a slideshow of New York Cool's works narrated by Boston Globe reviewer Sebastian Smee.

Read the article.

The Washington Post Magazine (April 12, 2009)

President Mills is quoted in "The Admissions Gap," an article examining whether affluent students who can afford expensive SAT prep courses have an advantage when it comes to getting into college.

The article points out that Bowdoin stopped requiring standardized tests in the 1960s and notes that each applicant's package is read at least twice.

You Were Not Forgotten: The Stories
Lynne Atkinson200.jpg
The story of Government Department Coordinator Lynne Atkinson '81 and her emotional journey to find and eventually meet the American POW whose name was etched into a bracelet she wore as a child was told in installments on television stations in Maine and Florida.

"When we look at the students who have done well, or moderately well, there is a huge correlation between our reader ratings, and a lesser correlation with SATs," Mills said in the article, adding that a student's overall record in high school is also crucial.

"Often what we find is how a kid does in high school, even with grade inflation, is a much more accurate reflection of how they are going to do in college than SATs."

Read the article.

The Boston Globe (April 9, 2009)

In profiling Michael Zimman '71, the article, "The Fabric of his Life," highlights his upbringing in the retail emporium his immigrant grandfather opened in 1909.

Asked if he has always been a big fan of interior design and fabrics, Zimman responds that they appeal to his aesthetics and adds, "I was the only art major on the hockey team. Actually, there was one other guy, but he was really crazy."

Read the article. (April 7, 2009)

The centennial of Robert E. Peary's North Pole expedition and the exhibitions that celebrate it are the focus of a video produced by Zac Skipp '11 and Kaitee Daley '09 that has been posted to ESPN's Web site as part of the sports network's "Campus Connection" series.

The video also mentions the College's sustainability efforts, the plight of the Polar Bear and Bowdoin's NCAA Division III champion field hockey team.

Watch the video.

Today/NBC (April 6, 2009)

On the centennial of Robert E. Peary's historic North Pole expedition, several alumni, wearing Bowdoin shirts and armed with plush Peary dolls and a Bowdoin banner, made a brief appearance on the top-rated morning show.

Al Roker with Peary doll in hand after speaking with alumni (in background).

Kijan Bloomfield '04, D. Kareem Canada '05, Samantha Cohen '07, Ashley Conti '07, Kate Geraghty '07 and Jonathan Ragins '08 were among the crowd in New York City's Rockefeller Plaza and interacted with Today weatherman Al Roker.

Speaking for the group, Geraghty spoke of the centennial and Peary's connection to the College.

The show reaches an estimated 6,000,000 viewers.

Read about the appearance and see photos.

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