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Watch Online: You Were Not Forgotten — The Complete POW Bracelet Story

Story posted April 10, 2009

The story of Government Department Coordinator Lynne Atkinson's emotional journey to find and eventually meet the American POW whose name was etched into a bracelet she wore as a child was told April 9, 2009, on the WCSH newsmagazine 207.

Atkinson's story has been told in installments over the past couple of weeks.

You Were Not Forgotten: The Stories
Lynne Atkinson200.jpg
Lynne Atkinson '81 returned the POW bracelet to Capt. Chirichigno in a handmade box, the lid of which bears the inscription "You were not forgotten," along with her name and the date of her meeting.

WCSH reporter Caroline Cornish and videographer Josh Bradford interviewed Atkinson, a member of the Class of 1981, as she prepared to meet Capt. Luis "Jerry" Chirichigno.

That story told of how Atkinson had discovered Chirichigno was alive and living in Florida, and how colleagues chipped in to help pay for her trip to meet him.

When Atkinson and Chirichigno met in Naples, Fla., a local news crew was on hand to capture the moment and aired a story from the POW's perspective.

The WCSH crew reconnected with Atkinson after her return and shared her reflections of finally meeting the man who had meant so much to her.

This final installment pulls together, with new information, a story of discovery, anticipation and friendship.

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