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Plush Peary, Alumni on TODAY Show

Story posted April 06, 2009

On April 6, 2009, the centennial of Robert E. Peary's historic North Pole expedition, several alumni, armed with plush Peary dolls and Bowdoin banners, made a brief appearance on NBC's TODAY show.

Kijan Bloomfield '04, D. Kareem Canada '05, Samantha Cohen '07, Ashley Conti '07, Kate Geraghty '07 and Jonathan Ragins '08 were among the crowd in New York City's Rockefeller Plaza outside the TODAY show studios.

Wearing matching Bowdoin shirts, the group interacted with TODAY weatherman Al Roker.

TODAY Alums530.jpg
(L. to r.) Jonathan Ragins '08, Kate Geraghty '07, Kijan Bloomfield '04, Samantha Cohen '07, Ashley Conti '07 and D. Kareem Canada '05.

Speaking for the group, Geraghty spoke of the centennial and Peary's connection to the College.

TODAY Roker530.jpg
Al Roker greets the crowd gathered outside the TODAY show, moments before his on-air exchange with Bowdoin alumni.

Roker hammed it up with one of the Peary dolls, repeatedly holding it up to the camera for a close-up.

Plush Peary celebrated the centennial with an appearance on the TODAY show with six alumni.

Conti says Roker had been very taken with the dolls, and during a commercial break approached the group to inquire about them.

"We told him about the centennial and that Peary was a Bowdoin alum, and then he came over again once the camera was rolling and that's the shot you saw on TV." says Conti.

"The doll was the huge hit. It was also cool since one of the NBC workers stopped us on our way out to tell us that they want us to send them more dolls because everyone on the team wants one!"

The doll is available in the Arctic Museum's gift shop and sells for $16. Proceeds support outreach initiatives. Read about the Peary doll.

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