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Bowdoin in the News: A Full February

Story posted February 25, 2009

Bowdoin wasn't just in the news in a big way in February, it was a multimedia presence. In addition to a Newsweek magazine interview, in which "Bowdoin" was the fourth word out of the mouth of Geoffrey Canada '74, and Associate Professor of English Aviva Briefel's horror film expertise in The Los Angeles Times, Bowdoin was spotlighted on ESPNU — and distinguished alumni appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and in the new film Confessions of a Shopaholic.

Newsweek magazine (Feb. 23, 2009)

Geoffrey Canada '74.

Geoffrey Canada '74, president and CEO of the Harlem Children's Zone (HCZ), is the subject of a question-and-answer feature with Newsweek Chairman Richard Smith.

In the article, "He's the Angel of Harlem," Canada talks about his path from Bowdoin to teaching poor inner-city children in Boston to running HCZ, a non-profit, community-based organization that works to enhance the quality of life for children and families in a 97-block area of New York City. Read the article.

Prof. Richard Skinner on Partisanship

Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Richard Skinner's essay, "George W. Bush and the Partisan Presidency," in Political Science Quarterly caught the attention of media outlets who invited him to contribute more of his observations tracing the rise of partisanship in the political system.

New York Daily News (Feb. 17, 2009)

Joseph Tecce '55, Boston College psychology professor and body language expert, was part of a panel assembled to review a press conference held by beleaguered New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez, accused of using steroids.

Tecce's extensive research into the frequency of eyeblinks a person makes reveals that most of the time, people blink 30 to 50 times a minute — and considerably more when going before a TV camera because of what he calls "audience stress."

"Alex Rodriguez was at 20 blinks per minute during one of the most critical moments of his life," Tecce says in the article. "That's evidence to me of how well-rehearsed he was." Read the article.

The Los Angeles Times (Feb. 16, 2009)

The article, "'Friday the 13th' Brings Good Fortune," examines the popularity of horror films during dire economic times.

Associate Professor of English Aviva Briefel, a horror film expert, says these movies are well-attended now because they "allow people to control how they experience fear and anxiety." Read the article.

The Boston Globe (Feb. 15, 2009)

An essay written by P. Gabrielle Foreman, visiting professor of Africana studies and co-editor of an updated 150th anniversary edition of Our Nig, profiles American entrepreneur Harriet E. Wilson, who marketed hair products throughout the northeast in the 1850s. Read the article.

Confessions of a Shopaholic/Touchstone Pictures (Released Feb. 13, 2009)

Fortune magazine Managing Editor Andy Serwer '81 has a speaking role in the movie, which came about after producers called on Serwer to give them a sense of what life is like at a business magazine, the film's setting. "It was a real kick," says Serwer. "I flew to Florida last spring and shot my scenes with Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy and Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live, and prayed the scenes didn't get cut — and they didn't," adding "I'm available for other roles."

Read the Campus News interview with Serwer.

The Chronicle of Higher Education (Feb. 13, 2009)

Kent John Chabotar, the College's vice president of finance and administration from 1991 to 2002, wrote the editorial, "How to Communicate in a Difficult Economy," in which he stresses the importance of showing leadership, involving the governing board and encouraging broad participation. Chabotar is currently president and political science professor at Guilford College. Read the article. (Feb. 12, 2009)

A video produced by Kaitee Daley '09 and Zac Skipp '11 about the "The Monster," the College's historic Zamboni ice resurfacer, has been posted to the multimedia sports network's Web site.

The segment, which was written by Daley and edited by Skipp, was broadcast by ESPNU, the ESPN channel specializing in college sports, on February 1, 2009, during coverage of the Maine vs. Massachusetts hockey game. (Feb. 10, 2009)

Kent John Chabotar, the College's vice president of finance and administration from 1991 to 2002, is the author of the article, "Using Quaker Principles to Budget in Tough Times," in which he shares his experiences in financial decision-making at colleges of varying means.

Potholm on Politics


DeAlva Stanwood Alexander Professor of Government Christian Potholm was in demand throughout the presidential campaign and was tapped by the Financial Times and the Christian Science Monitor to share his insights on GOP power brokers Senators Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe.

Chabotar, who is currently president and political science professor at Guilford College, calls Bowdoin a wealthy institution alongside Harvard University. Read the article.

The New York Times (Feb. 9, 2009)
The article, "When Air Time is Playtime," published as an installment in the regular "Frequent Flier" feature, chronicles the experiences of an air traveler who reveals that he had never set foot on an airplane until his college football team chartered a plane for the trip to Bowdoin.
Read the article.

The Baltimore Sun (Feb. 7, 2009)

The article, "True Grit, Plenty of Gumption," profiles a young woman who has mentored underprivileged students through graduation and into college; Bowdoin is listed as one of those schools. Read the article. (Feb. 6, 2009)

A profile of Karen Mills, President Barack Obama's pick to head the Small Business Administration and wife of President Barry Mills, is set against the backdrop of Brunswick and its small businesses in the article, "The View from Maine Street." Read the article.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart/Comedy Central (Feb. 2, 2009)

Lawrence Lindsey '76, former director of the National Economic Council during the George W. Bush administration, was interviewed on the satirical news program.

In promoting his new book, What A President Should Know...But Most Learn Too Late: An Insiders View On How To Succeed In The Oval Office (Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., Maryland, 2008), Lindsey talked about various aspects of the current stimulus plan, including his observations of executive compensation and his suggestion to cut the payroll tax.

The Boston Globe (Feb. 1, 2009)

The travel piece, "College Towns are Catalogs of Fun Things to do," carries a photo of the Museum of Art's Bowdoin Gallery and also touts the Peary-MacMillan Arctic Museum, Studzinski Recital Hall and Dining Service. Read the article.

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