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Confessions of a Magazine Editor-Turned-Movie Star: The Andy Serwer 81 Story

Story posted February 26, 2009

Andy Serwer '81 has worn many hats.

He has worked his way up the ranks of Fortune to become the magazine's managing editor. He co-hosted CNN's In the Money, was a regular contributor on the cable network's American Morning program and appeared on the Today Show and Good Morning America.

To that resume he can now add: movie star.

Serwer, whose reporters and editors currently cover beleaguered bankers, plays one in the film Confessions of a Shopaholic.

The film's producers had come calling early on, saying that the movie was set against the backdrop of a business magazine and asking if they could hang out to see for themselves what such an enterprise was like, what someone in Serwer's position looked like and how he dressed.

Serwer says he was happy to help and asked if could get a cameo in the film. "Maybe the guy in the background fixing the copier," he said.

But there would be no background role for Serwer. He was given the speaking role of Mr. Lewis, a banker.

"It was a real kick," says Serwer. "I flew to Florida last spring and shot my scenes with Isla Fisher, Hugh Dancy and Fred Armisen from Saturday Night Live, and prayed the scenes didn't get cut — and they didn't."

Serwer says his two young daughters were excited about their father's movie star turn.

"We went to the premiere; they got to meet the stars. It was glamorous," but adds that his girls were, "somewhere between cringing and thrilled, seeing their dad in a movie."

And did he enjoy it?

"I'm available for other roles."

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