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Prof. Richard Skinner in the News on Political Partisanship

Story posted February 24, 2009

Having learned of Visiting Assistant Professor of Government Richard Skinner's essay "George W. Bush and the Partisan Presidency" in the current issue of Political Science Quarterly, several media outlets have invited Skinner to contribute more of his observations tracing the rise of partisanship in the political system.

Richard Skinner

The Huffington Post, the popular news Web site, invited Skinner to submit an essay and published it under the headline "Obama Unlikely to Overcome Divide" on Tuesday, February 24, 2009.

Read the Huffington Post article.

Skinner was also quoted in the Feb. 22, 2009, edition of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

In the article, "Obama Will Seek More GOP Backing on Budget," Skinner says, "There are fewer and fewer reasons to be a conservative Democrat or a liberal Republican in Congress. There is more geographic and ideological polarization."

Read the Philadelphia Inquirer article.

And the Web site CQ quoted from the PSQ essay in its article, "Will the Party of 'No' Help Democrats Extend their Dominance?"

Read the CQ Politics article.

The article in PSQ's Winter 2008 issue examines the increasing trend of partisanship in the country's political system, saying the specter of polarization that became so extreme during the George W. Bush administration may not be so easily banished.

"If Obama thinks it will be easy to become these divisions, he'll end up being disappointed," says Skinner.

"Partisanship is an underlying part of our political system now and a lot of Republicans just don't like the direction he's taking the country."

Read the Political Science Quarterly article.

Skinner is author of the book More Than Money: Interest Group Action in Congressional Elections (Rowman & Littlefield, 2008).

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