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RecycleMania Underway Across Campus, Nation

Story posted February 12, 2009

Bowdoin is again participating in RecycleMania, a nationwide recycling competition in which the College competes for the highest recycling rate, the most recyclables per person, and the least amount of total waste (trash and recycling) generated on campus.


While there are hundreds of colleges and universities across the country that participate in the 10-week event, as a way to inspire serious competition among the Bowdoin Polar Bears, the College effort focuses on an intense four-week campaign against another participating RecycleMania school, rival Colby College.

This year's Bowdoin vs. Colby event runs the month of February. Watch For "Dan the Can" roaming the campus and encouraging good waste reduction behaviors.

What you can do:
Watch the digest postings during the month of February for tips on reducing waste and recycling. And as always, carefully recycle everything you can. Use the bins, read the signs, and especially, think twice before throwing anything away. Acceptable recyclables are (the same as those already collected in Bowdoin's single stream recycling):

  • Newspaper

  • Books

  • Magazines/catalogs

  • Mixed paper

  • Tin/steel/aluminum

  • Glass

  • Paperboard

  • Corrugated cardboard

  • Plastic (#1-#7)

RecycleMania Tips:

Tip #1: Focus on reducing the waste you generate on campus — always print double-sided by turning on the Duplex feature in Print Properties (found on the set-up tab).

When printing long documents for reading or reference, consider printing two pages per 8.5 x 11 sheet. Just click "Properties", then on the "Set Up" tab. Go to "Layout" and pick "two pages per sheet". And of course, only print items you truly need.

Tip #2: Do you get take-out from Magee's Grill? Have you considered bringing your own tupperware to take your meal back to your dorm room or office with? Just ask for your order as though you were going to "eat in" — then just slide the food from the plate into your own tupperware and leave the empty plate at the tray return area.

Not only does it reduce Bowdoin's waste, it saves the Grill money in "to-go" packaging. Just be aware that the Grill staff can't put your food in your to-go container because of cleanliness issues of their handling other people's containers.

How RecycleMania works:

RecycleMania is: A friendly 10-week recycling competition among 400 participating colleges and universities across the country. The goal of the contest is to raise awareness about recycling and waste minimization.

How it's done: Each week, participating schools report the pounds of recyclables collected across campus to the organizing body, the EPA. That poundage is then divided among the total on-campus population of the school. At the end of the 10 weeks, the school with the highest average recycling rate is the winner.

Visit for more information and the final results.

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