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Alex McLain '11 in Port City Life Magazine

Story posted December 04, 2008

Competitive kayaker Alex McLain '11, who in finishing second to an Olympian from South Africa in the 2008 U.S. Surfski Championships, held in San Francisco September 20 and 21, is effectively the fastest female ocean paddler in the country, is the subject of an article in the December 2008 issue of Port City Life magazine.

A surfski is the fastest type of ocean kayak. Built for speed, they are long (up to 21 feet) and narrow (only 15 inches).

Paddlers, in the sleek vessels' sit-on-top cockpits, literally surf the ocean's swells.

The article, "Primo Paddler," notes McLain's slow start in the race before encountering winds gusting at up to 25 knots.

"People were falling out of their boats left and right," McLain says.

Alex McLainHappy200.jpg
A happy Alex McLain '11 with her medal

"It was funny to see so many people wiping out. I was just plowing past them."

Coming in at 2:47, McLain was the only female competing from the East Coast and the youngest paddler in the race.

McLain was the only female in the race not to have been to the Olympics, and the only female to whom she lost was from South Africa, effectively making McLain the fastest ocean kayaker in the country.

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