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Healthy Relationships Goal of Date Week

Story posted December 01, 2008

In recent years, students increasingly have turned their attention toward the issues of sexual assault, relationships and sexual health on Bowdoin's campus and worldwide.

A student group of fifteen students, comprising leaders from a number of student organization on campus, has committed to working together to discuss and address areas of concern, specifically the campus dating and relationship scene. To encourage healthy dating and communication the students and their groups are pooling their resources to encourage Bowdoin students to get out and date on December 3, 2008, the second annual Date Day.

Health Education and Liaison Program (H.E.L.P.) came up with the idea of Date Day a year ago and is responsible for working with local businesses to provide discounts to students the week after Date Day occurs. The group also begins the event with a simple card in each student's mail box that explains Date Day and serves as a ready-made card for one student to give to another, a pre-made date "ask out."

Bowdoin Men Against Sexual Violence is promoting Date Day through an informational campaign that calls for men to ask a person out on a date and interact with their partners in a healthy way.

Women's Resource Center is putting together a media campaign to encourage the women of Bowdoin to go against the societal norm and participate in asking people on dates as well.

V-Day is promoting date day through table tent advertisements that explain to campus how dating and the establishing of open lines of communication between partners can help to promote healthy sexual practices and relationships.

Safe Space members are selling Crush soda cans and flowers in the student union to be sent to a potential date in an effort to raise money for Sexual Assault Support Services of Midcoast Maine, a local organization provide support to survivors of sexual assault and their friends and family members.

Residential Life is holding a competition for the "best documented ask out," with the prize of a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Bowdoin Film Society is going to be showing date movies around date day.

A student who runs Taboo Topic Discussions on campus is working to compile a personals section to be printed in conjunction with date week.

Students are working with the Dudley Coe Health Center and the Dean's Office to support Date Day by sponsoring a raffle for students to win gift certificates to local restaurants for a second date or a new first date after providing examples of positive first dates.

Students and staff are working together to encourage students to be creative and participate in Date Day regardless of expenses by providing a list of the "Top 50 Things to do on a Date at Bowdoin," as well as making picnic baskets available in the express lunch line so students can use their meal plans to make a picnic for their date.

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