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Northern Bites invited to RoboCup 2009 World Championships

Story posted November 19, 2008

The Northern Bites RoboCup team has been invited to compete in the RoboCup 2009 World Championship games, to be held in Graz, Austria, this summer.

The Northern Bites will be celebrating its fifth year of competition this year and its fourth entry into the world championships.

Nao humanoid robots in action in Suzhou, China, during the 2008 RoboCup World Championships.

The Northern Bites Aibo team took third place in the 2008 RoboCup World Championship games held in Suzhou, China.

The Northern Bites two-legged team tied for fifth place.

In 2007, the Northern Bites were the RoboCup world champions. Click here to read more about their victory.

This year the International RoboCup Committee has switched from the Sony Aibo robot dog to the Nao, a humanoind model made by Aldebaran.

In this year's competition, there will be four robots per team, competing on a 4.4 by 6.8 meter field.

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This evolution, which continually brings the rules more in line with "real" soccer, reflects RoboCup's goal as it strives to fulfill its mission statement: "By the year 2050, develop a team of fully autonomous humanoid robots that can win against the human world soccer champion team."

The robots operate with no external control by humans or computers, and are executing programs written entirely by Bowdoin students, who must also calibrate the robots to each new environment — particularly with regard to color vision.

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