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Bowdoin in the News with 2009 First-Year Car Ban

Story posted August 15, 2008

Bowdoin's announcement to ban cars for first-year students in 2009 is making headlines.

The decision, announced August 14, 2008, was the focus of an article on Inside Higher, a Web site that covers a variety of college and university issues.

Tim Foster100.jpg
Tim Foster

The article, "A Car Ban Aimed at Carbon," highlights the College's efforts to reduce the environmental impact of its faculty, staff and students.

Dean of Student Affairs Tim Foster is quoted, explaining that the decision to restrict first-year students from having cars was specifically designed to make Bowdoin greener.

"The driver for it, no pun intended, was really an environmental one," Foster says in the article.

Zulmarie Bosques100.jpg
Zulmarie Bosques '11

Zulmarie Bosques '11 was also interviewed.

"I did not find I needed a car last year," states Bosques in the article, adding that most of what a student would need — restaurants, shops and grocery stores — are all within walking distance of campus.

"The essentials are there," she says.

Sustainable Bowdoin
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Click here to learn more about Bowdoin's commitment to Sustainability.

The article also mentioned other initiatives created with sustainability in mind, such as a new agreement with Zipcar, the new Bowdoin Shuttle and the community bikes provided by the Bowdoin Communal Bike Club.

Read the Inside Higher Ed article.

Read Bowdoin's 2009 First-Year Car Ban announcement.

The car ban story was also picked up by a number of newspapers, including The Boston Globe, Portland Press Herald and the The Times Record.

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