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Campus Construction Projects in Full Swing

Story posted June 06, 2008

A number of construction and renovation projects — large and small — are underway as Bowdoin addresses the changing needs of the campus and its community.

Visitors to the campus will no doubt notice a beehive of activity behind fencing that emerged June 2, 2008, right after Reunion Weekend.

Searles Science Building

Searles Science Building

Much of the area surrounding the Searles Science Building has been fenced in to allow several cranes and their crews to work on the building's exterior.

In a project that began in the summer of 2007, work is being done to finish installation of a new slate roof.

Workers are also stripping paint, repairing damaged bricks and applying a new breathable coating that will help address moisture concerns while giving the building a uniform color.

The Searles project will not be completed until the summer of 2009, but fencing will be removed and the area cleaned up in late August for the start of the academic year.

Drilling on the Quad

The drilling operation going on at the south end of the Quad in front of the Museum of Art is digging a fifth geothermal well to complement the four existing wells that heat and cool the Museum. Once the drilling is done, crews will be digging a trench as they connect the new well to the Museum's system. Work on the well is expected to be completed by June 20.

A fifth geothermal well is being dug for the Museum of Art.

Fitness, Health and Wellness Center

The Morrell Gym complex has begun its metamorphosis. Work crews have started the demolition and construction process in Sargent Gym for a four-level, $14.75 million addition that is to be the new Fitness, Health and Wellness Center.

Evening Rendering West530.jpg
Evening rendering of west side of the new Fitness, Health and Wellness Center.

Construction of the Fitness, Health and Wellness Center will be accompanied by some detours for pedestrians and other temporary changes in the immediate area.

Morrell Gym will be closed during the summer of 2008, but will reopen in September and function throughout the academic year, hosting basketball and volleyball games and other programs. A temporary entrance will be constructed on the east side of the building toward the parking lot and Dayton Arena.

Aerial view of Morrell Gym complex and surrounding buildings. White rectangles indicate new lobby and Fitness, Health and Wellness Center; grey represents entrance canopies and connector to Sargent Gym; blue shading indicates soon-to-be-former footprint; the area impacted by the project is shaded in yellow.

During the demolition and steel construction phases, to take place during summer 2008, the walkway between Morrell and Druckenmiller Hall will be closed. A path through fencing in that area will be open for the beginning of the fall semester in September 2008.

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Sidney J. Watson Arena

Construction continues on the Sidney J. Watson Arena. Crews got started on the 68,200 square foot ice arena in September 2007, and are now working on the roof as well as masonry, partitions, painting and roughing in mechanical systems. The arena is expected to be finished next winter.

Watson Interior Rendering.jpg
Rendering of the arena's lobby

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Adams Hall

Renovations that began on Adams Hall in June 2007 are ahead of schedule and nearly complete.

Rendering of the renovated Adams Hall

Most visibly, an elevator tower has been added to the building's west side. Interior renovations will add a new classroom, department common areas and conference spaces. Work is expected to be done in July.

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Baxter House

The covered porch entrance to Baxter House is being rebuilt and some bathrooms are being renovated.

Russwurm African-American Center

Workers are replacing exterior siding on the Russwurm African-American Center and doing some remodeling inside.

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