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Greening the Grounds: Campus Gets Organic Treatment

Story posted May 08, 2008

As part of its commitment to sustainability, Bowdoin is applying organic products to parts of the campus this spring.

Portions of the campus sit above a town aquifer, an underground layer of water-bearing permeable rock or other unconsolidated material from which groundwater can be extracted.

Museum Grassy200.jpg

The College has made protecting this aquifer a priority and contracted with Purely Organic Lawn Care, based in York Harbor, Maine, to apply organic fertilizer, liquid corn gluten, compost tea and BT (an organic bacterium to fight insects).

The areas above the aquifer treated with these non-toxic materials include Whittier Field and parts of the Quad.

In addition, the College is using Sports Fields, Inc., based in Monmouth, Maine, to apply organic fertilizer elsewhere on campus.

The company has also hydro-seeded much of the Quad and other grounds with a natural mixture that includes rye and blue grass seed, creeping fescue, as well as organic fertilizer.

Quad Seeding530.jpg
Most of the Quad's green spaces are roped off, having been recently hydro-seeded.

The organic lawn treatments will help make Bowdoin's 203rd Commencement Weekend (May 23-24, 2008) a lush and enjoyable affair, but it won't be the only way in which it will be a "green" event.

During Commencement Weekend, Dining Service uses biodegradable cups, bowls, plates and utensils for all outdoor meals.

One hundred percent of the waste from the Commencement luncheon waste will be composted.

New Sustainability Web page
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Click here to learn more about Bowdoin's commitment to Sustainability.

Recycle bins are placed in outdoor areas and energy-saving compact fluorescent bulbs are used in all outdoor tents.

Electricity use during Commencement Weekend is offset using Renewable Energy Credits from Maine low-impact hydro and wind power.

All programs are printed on 100 percent recycled paper.

Bowdoin concentrates on issues such as waste reduction, recycling, environmentally preferable purchasing and energy conservation throughout the year.

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