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Bowdoin Employees Honored with the 2007 Polar Star Awards

Story posted December 18, 2007

Five 2007 Polar Star Awards, recognizing Bowdoin support and administrative staff for excellence and contributions to the "common good," were handed out December 17 and acknowledged publicly at the annual Holiday Luncheon held at Thorne Dining Hall December 18.

More than 100 nominations were received this year nominating 42 individual colleagues and one entire department for excellence (see the full nominee list at the end of this article).

2007 Polar Star Award Winners

Rosemary Armstrong, Program Assistant, Environmental Studies and Coastal Studies

Rosemary Armstrong

Nominators wrote: "Rosie is the person who facilitates opportunities for individuals on campus and in the community to connect, learn, and have meaningful discussions on a wide range of environmental themes and topics...Since I arrived at Bowdoin, Rosie has been the rock on which my course has been based...Rosie has stepped into the breach with gusto and utter professionalism...Rosie is, in a word, terrific. Actually, the word could equally well be wonderful, or excellent, or superb."

Mark Donovan, Carpenter/Painter, Facilities Management

Mark Donovan

Nominators wrote: "Mark looks at complicated requests, and figures out how to do them economically and with very high quality work...Within the metaphor of an extra mile, Mark runs marathons!...The Mark Donovans of Bowdoin guarantee that students learn and live in a creative and stimulating environment...Mark, using his Yankee ingenuity, was written up in The Chronicle of Higher Education for innovating a sophisticated system of Library shelving made from lobster trap wire mesh...His innovation was stunning..."

Jody Griffin, Cold Food Production Supervisor-Thorne Hall, Dining Service

Jody Griffin

Nominators wrote: "She is a Yankee down to her core—pragmatic, skilled, frugal, no-nonsense. Like MacGiver, give her a pencil eraser, knitting needle and a chicken bone and in four minutes she'll give you a device that repairs broken zippers...Jody puts her whole self into the operation—her eyes and ears, her hands, her feet, her brain (both left and right), and her heart...Jody always gives 110 percent to her job, and she always works to make everything better for the dining service team and for the students."

Delmar Small, Concert, Budget and Equipment Manager, Department of Music

Delmar Small, receiving his Polar Star Award.

Nominators wrote: "[We'd like to acknowledge] his absolutely extraordinary work in administering the building and opening of Studzinski Recital Hall. Only Delmar would have drawn diagrams of every closet in the building with to-scale representations of every large percussion instrument to be housed there...We implicitly trust his judgment...We are blessed to have him...He does whatever he can to make things work...He makes you feel like he's making your needs a priority."

For the first time, the Polar Star for Teamwork was presented, not to an individual, but to a department, in acknowledgment of singular excellence under unusual circumstances.
Student Health Services Staff: Sandra Hayes, Interim Director; Wendy Sansone, Staff Nurse and Care Coordinator; Carri Kivela, Nurse Practitioner; Karen Marlin, Physicians Assistant; Judy MacMaster, Medical Assistant; Leslie Hill, Insurance Coordinator

(Left to right) Leslie Hill, Wendy Sansone, Judy MacMaster, Sandra Hayes, Karen Marlin

Nominators wrote: "Even in the midst of a great deal of change, the staff has continued to provide the highest level of care and concern for students and they have done so while implementing new initiatives...

Their fall became consumed by a quest to determine why they were seeing so many walking pneumonia cases and how they could best treat these students while simultaneously allowing the Centers for Disease Control to research this epidemiological phenomenon...

Carri Kivela

And, of course, the usual work of the Health Center didn't slow down to accommodate the pneumonia cases. There were the usual sick students, a concern about mumps, flu shots, and other activities that needed attention...The always-busy Health Center set a new record for busy-ness!...They are a strong group who have been outstanding professionals during a very difficult year. I am in awe of the dedication."

The following outstanding Bowdoin employees received Polar Star nominations for 2007:

Rosie Armstrong
Vivian Asbra
Cindy Bessmer
Cindy Breton
Thom Colkitt
Mary Cote
Jojo Craig
Stella Crooker
Susan Danforth
Mark Donovan
Mary Foye
Rebecca Fournier
Trish Gipson
Jody Griffin
Juli Haugen
Brenna Hensley
Leslie Hill
Brian Horne
Laura Jackson
Bill Kunitz
Anne Lavoie
Mark Leaman
Adam Lord
Judy Montgomery
Sarah Morgan
Megan Morouse
Randy Nichols
Sue O'Dell
Bobbie Olmstead
Chelsea Reid
Mike Roux
Wendy Sansone
Delmar Small
Lucy Smith
Tama Spoerri
Heather Stephenson
Dawn Toth
Lynne Toussaint
Julia White
Joyce Whittemore
Trevor Williams
Staff of Student Health Services

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