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Auden Schendler '92 Champions Corporate Environmentalism

Story posted October 23, 2007

Auden Schendler '92

Auden Schendler '92 is the subject of the cover story of the Oct. 29, 2007, issue of BusinessWeek magazine. The article, "Little Green Lies," focuses on Schendler in his role as the in-house "corporate sustainability" advocate at Aspen Skiing Co. in Colorado, and his efforts to boost energy efficiency and reduce harmful emissions.

Schendler took the job with Aspen Skiing in 1999 following work as a junior researcher at the Rocky Mountain Institute, a think tank in Aspen led by Amory Lovins, to whom the idea is attributed that by "going green," companies can increase profits while saving the planet.


The article notes that Schendler was an environmental studies major at Bowdoin, during which time he says, "I became the person I wanted to be: a mountaineer, an outdoorsman." The article also mentions that last year Time magazine honored Schendler as a "Climate Crusader."

Read the BusinessWeek cover story.

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