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Bowdoin Students Win World Robotics Competition

Story posted July 09, 2007

Bowdoin College's RoboCup team, Northern Bites, has won the RoboCup 2007 world championship games held in Atlanta, Ga.

The Northern Bites beat last year's champions, the NUBots, of the University of Newcastle in Australia, 5-1 to become the 2007 world champions in the four-legged robot league. The Northern Bites beat teams from Japan, China, Germany and Australia as well as the team from Carnegie Mellon University, considered to have one of the best computer science programs in the country.

The Northern Bites, RoboCup 2007 world champions. (L. to r., back row: George Slavov '09, Nick Dunn '09, Tucker Hermans '09, Henry Work '06, Jessie Butterfield '06, Professor Eric Chown. Front row: Mark McGranaghan '09, Jeremy Fishman '09, Joho Strom '09.
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Check out the Northern Bites Blog for commentary and links to game videos from RoboCup 2007 Atlanta.

Visit Team Northern Bites' blog.

"Thanks to everyone for their support," says Eric Chown, team advisor and Samuel S. Butcher Associate Professor in the Natural Sciences. "It was definitely a team achievement, and we could not have done it without wonderful help from the College."

Chown founded the student-led Northern Bites in 2005.

Game play.jpg

RoboCup is an international research and education initiative to promote research in artificial intelligence, robotics, computational perception and related fields.

Teams of four four-legged entertainment robots (SONY's AIBO) play soccer on a 3 by 5 meter field. Matches have 10-minute halves. The robots use wireless networking to communicate with each other and with the game referee. Challenges include vision, self-localization, planning and multi-agent coordination. RoboCup's other leagues include simulation, small-size robot, middle-size robot and humanoid.

Northern Bites RoboCup 2007 Wins

Jolly Pochie (Kyushu University, Tohoku University, Japan) 7-1
FCT Waves (Tokai University, Tamagawa University, Japan) 9-1
Microsoft Hellhounds (Dortmund University, Germany) 3-2
Asura (Kyushu Institute of Technology, Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan) 10-0
German Team 2007 (Humboldt University, University of Bremen, and Darmstadt Technical University, Germany) 4-1
CMDash (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)  8-0
NUbots (University of Newcastle, Australia) 5-1

Nortern Bites in Germany.jpg
The team at the German Open in April

The team finished third overall in the German Open, held in April 2007 in Hannover, Germany, where it competed with teams from Australia, Turkey, Greece and Germany.

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