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Classicists Convene at Bowdoin

Story posted June 12, 2007

Bowdoin College is hosting the Sunoikisis Summer Seminar June 9 — June 16, 2007. Sunoikisis, Greek for “union of allied communities,” brings together classicists from liberal arts institutions around the country for the purposes of delving deeply into such subject matter as Homeric Poetry and Literature from Late Antiquity and the Medieval Period.

"It’s like sending us to graduate school," says Barbara Weiden Boyd, Winkley Professor of Latin and Greek and chair of the classics department. Boyd, like other professors from small classics departments, teaches a variety of courses — Greek, Latin, mythology, archaeology and others — and says seminars like these keep her abreast of the scholarship on a particular subject, better preparing her for the next time she’s called to teach that subject.

The seminar’s sessions include War, Death and Heroism; Orality and Intertextualitiy; and Neoanalysis. Invited experts help facilitate intense discussion of primary and secondary texts relevant to the seminar. The classicists will also tackle a Teaching with Technology session that will address, among other topics, multi-point desktop videoconferencing.

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