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2007 Honors Day Ceremony Recognizes Bowdoin’s Best

Story posted May 10, 2007

Bowdoin College held its eleventh annual Honors Day ceremony to recognize publicly the college-wide academic and extracurricular achievements of Bowdoin students and faculty. The ceremony was held May 9, 2007, at Pickard Theater, Memorial Hall.

In his welcoming remarks, President Barry Mills said, "This is among the most important nights at the College as we gather to acknowledge the achievement, success and passion of our students and faculty and all the work they accomplish over the year."

Download a PDF of the program

Following President Mill's welcome, Assistant Professor of History and Environmental Studies Matthew Klingle delivered the Honors Day address. Klingle, recipient of the 2006 Sydney B. Karofsky Prize for Junior Faculty gave a talk titled "On History and Honor." (Click here for a full-text version of his talk.)

"We historians ask people to think historically, which is different than idolizing the past," Klingle said. "Thinking historically requires seeing the past as a different place, of seeing past and present as the result of complex causes and effects unfolding through time. It demands attention to context and contingency because it matters how and when things happen. Thinking historically does not come naturally to most Americans, who see themselves as the sole authors of their nostalgic life stories."

Klingle urged students not to accept their honor without considering where they stand in time. He warned them — thinking historically is never easy and that it is often very painful.

"But it reminds us of the responsibilities that any honor entails, and that honor is never something we attain all on our own. Honoring history can thus help us to live with the consequences of being imperfect creatures in an ever-changing world. And in that knowledge is, perhaps, the greatest honor of all: the distinction of being human."

Following Klingle's address, 21 members of the Class of 2007 were recognized for being elected to Phi Beta Kappa, a national honorary fraternity open to top scholars of the graduating class:

Kristen Rose Brownell
Stephen Barrett Carlson
Christopher Robert Cashman
Beth Ann Colombo
Karen Elizabeth Fossum
Curtis Campbell Isacke
Caitlin Elizabeth Jeffrey
Benjamin Estes Lake
Trejeeve Michael Martyn
Lili Camille Mugnier
Asa Benjamin Palley
Kathryn Elizabeth Papanek
Lisa Nicole Peterson
Hillary Pietricola
Suzanne Keber Plant
Ponnila Sunderi Samuel
Brett Christopher Smith
Lauren Reedy Steffel
Michael Dominic Taylor
Ethan Buggie Van Arnam
Vanessa Disbrow Wishart

Following the announcement of the Phi Beta Kappa inductees, students were recognized for winning national awards. Students listed are Class of 2007 unless noted otherwise.

Rebecca Rachel Genauer '08 is the recipient of a Beinecke Scholarship, which provides substantial scholarships to young men and women of exceptional promise for graduate education in the arts, humanities and social sciences.

Five seniors earned Fulbright Fellowships. Fulbrights provide funding for study or teaching abroad for one year to promote cross-cultural interaction and increase mutual understanding between people of the U.S. and other countries through educational and cultural exchange. Jordan Edward Krechmer and Hillary Pietricola will teach in Germany and Andrew Bruce McDonald will teach in Austria. Dawn Elise Riebeling will study in Belgium and Karen Tang will study in Japan.

Johannes Heide Strom '09 has won a Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship, which is awarded to highly qualified students recognized for having outstanding potential and who intend to pursue careers in the fields of science, mathematics or engineering.

Mary Hartley Platt is the recipient of a Keasbey Scholarship, which offers funding for the pursuit of graduate studies in Great Britain and the opportunity to experience life abroad in order to see the United States from a new perspective.

Two seniors, Cotton Estes and Nikolai von Keller, have been awarded Thomas J. Watson Scholarships, which fund a year of independent study and travel abroad for a year after graduation.

President Mills presented Commencement, general scholarship and Leadership Awards.

Anthony Joseph DiNicola received the Goodwin Commencement Prize, and Haley Sara Bridger won the Class of 1868 Prize. Both students will give Commencement addresses. Larissa Curlik received the DeAlva Stanwood Alexander first prize and will speak at Baccalaureate; Lauren Reedy Steffel received the DeAlva Stanwood Alexander second prize, and is the Commencement weekend alternate speaker.

The Brooks-Nixon Prize, awarded each year to the best Bowdoin candidate for selection as a Rhodes scholar, was presented to Trejeeve Michael Martyn.

Jared Thomas Hunt '08 received the Dorothy Haythorn Collins Award, which honors a student "who has achieved academic and general excellence in their chosen majors" at the end of the junior year.

President Mills presented Katherine Hunter Kirklin with the Andrew Allison Haldane Cup. This cup is given to a member of the senior class who demonstrates outstanding qualities of leadership and character.

Mary Kate Wheeler was awarded the Lucien Howe Prize, given by the faculty to a member of the senior class who, as an undergraduate, showed the "highest qualities of conduct and character."

Julia Persephone Loonin and DeRay Mckesson both received the President's Award. This award, inaugurated in 1997 by Robert H. Edwards, recognizes a student's exceptional personal achievements and uncommon contributions to the College.

The 2007 Sydney B. Karofsky Award for Junior Faculty also was presented during the ceremony. The Karofsky Prize, given annually to a member of the faculty who "best demonstrates the ability to impart knowledge, inspire enthusiasm, and stimulate intellectual curiosity," was awarded to Charles Dorn, assistant professor of education.

Upon announcing the Karofsky award, Cristle Collins Judd took the opportunity to recognize all Bowdoin faculty members for their wonderful efforts and exceptional work.

Pianist Mark Donnelly '07 accompanied Caitlin McHugh '07, Peter Rocco'07 and the audience in the singing of the Alma Mater. Entrance music "A alma e a matéria" and an interlude, "Para mais ninguém" were performed by the World Music Ensemble.

Among the extracurricular awards given to students who have demonstrated exemplary leadership and character during their time at Bowdoin, the James Bowdoin Cup was presented to Amy Ahearn '08. The award is given to the student who in the previous college year has won a varsity letter while making the highest scholastic average among the students receiving varsity letters.

In addition to these awards, departmental awards given to those students who excelled in particular fields of study were acknowledged at the ceremony.

Download a PDF of the Honors Day program with the names of all the winners.

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