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The Princeton Review Commends Bowdoin for its Financial Aid

Story posted April 25, 2007

Bowdoin College is one of the nation's best value undergraduate institutions, according to The Princeton Review. The New York-based education services company features the College in the new 2008 edition of its book, America's Best Value Colleges (Random House/Princeton Review). The guide profiles 165 colleges chosen for their excellent academics and generous financial aid packages.

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In its narrative profile, The Princeton Review's editors commend Bowdoin for its need-blind admissions process, saying, "Bowdoin is committed to making college education accessible to as many qualified students as possible and gives generously toward this end."

The Princeton Review selected the schools for the book based on data it obtained from administrators at more than 650 colleges during the 2005-06 academic year and its surveys of students attending the schools. "We considered over 30 factors to identify our 'best value' colleges," says Princeton Review Vice President of Publishing Robert Franek.

"They covered four areas: Academics, Tuition GPA (the sticker price minus average amount students receive in scholarships and grants), Financial Aid (how well colleges meet students' financial need), and Student Borrowing. The 90 public and 75 private colleges we chose for this edition offer a terrific education, plus they have impressive records of meeting students' needs for financial aid. We highly recommend them as America's best college education deals for 2007."

Visit The Princeton Review Web site for a list of its 165 best value schools.

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