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Student Videos Showcase the "Faces of Bowdoin"

Story posted April 06, 2007

Four students at Bowdoin College have begun to collaborate on a series of videos showcasing the backgrounds and talents of their classmates at Bowdoin College.

"Faces of Bowdoin" is the creation of Bowdoin seniors Frank Chi of New Haven, Conn., and Dotan Johnson of Philadelphia, Pa., and Bowdoin juniors William Donahoe of Henniker, N.H., and Clark Gascoigne of Moreland Hills, Ohio. The group’s first video highlights the musical talents of jazz pianist and Bowdoin first-year student Hassan Muhammad of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Faces of Bowdoin

Hassan Muhammad '10
(View using Quicktime)

"Hassan Muhammad’s story and music inspired us. We've always known so many talented students from all walks of life here, and we wanted to use ‘Faces of Bowdoin’ as an outlet for people to display their unique backgrounds and skills and in turn broadcast their stories to the Bowdoin campus," said Chi.

The group’s second video focuses on Bowdoin senior Alex Cornell du Houx, who recently returned to campus following a tour of duty with the U.S. Marines in Iraq.

The two "Faces of Bowdoin" videos are also available on YouTube and Google Video.

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