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Quill Releases 'Good/Evil' Poetry Pamphlet

Story posted February 21, 2007

Good/Evil, the Quill's latest poetry pamphlet, was published Feb. 19, 2007, and is now available in Hawthorne-Longfellow Library, the Café in David Saul Smith Union, and the Moulton Union and Thorne dining halls. The literary magazine, produced by Bowdoin students, is free.

The four students authors published in this pamphlet examine the complex subjects of good and evil. The issue includes "Flowerbeds" by Nikolai von Keller '07, "Separated, Side by Side" by Rutledge Long '10, "brothers" by Christopher Knight '07, and "Percival" by Jake Murray '08.

Creating their poetry inspired the writers to reexamine their ideas on the theme.

Long, who depicts romance in his poem, feels that the good and evil are intrinsically related, stating, "It seems that the same events described as 'good' by one perspective are deemed 'evil' by another. In my experience, the two feelings, 'good' and 'evil' are separate in heart, side by side in mind."

Writers also admitted to performing their own acts of good and evil this semester.

Knight, whose poem explores political dissent, says that the worst action he has performed is to "tell people that I hate them from time to time. It helps to balance me." Von Keller, demonstrating a bit of dark humor, claims his evilest act was "poisoning. Lots of poisoning."

Interestingly, this issue of the Quill is the first this year to include poems by all male writers. While the Quill makes an effort to publish a diversity of authors, the editors felt that they could not do so, in this case, without compromising the quality of the pamphlet.

"The members of the Quill do not know the names, year, or gender of the writers until after they are decided," Editor in Chief William Donahoe '08 said. "During the annual magazine process, however, gender and year are factored into the decisions."

As for the authors themselves, many feel that both men and women can be accomplished poets. Knight asserted his identity as a man who writes poetry, noting, "If a man does it, doesn't that make it masculine?"

Likewise, von Keller felt that both sexes were responsible for upholding the reputation of poetry as an art form. "People (of both sexes) should stop writing so much bad poetry," he stated.

The Quill is issuing a call for submissions for its final publication to those who write good poetry.

The Quill accepts prose, poetry, and artwork from faculty, students, and alumni. All pieces will be judged anonymously and should be sent to by March 31, 2007.

The Quill is a literary magazine produced by students of Bowdoin College and dedicated to the expression of creativity. The first issue of the Quill was published in 1897. "The aim of The Quill is to furnish a medium of expression for the literary life of the college, and its columns are open to undergraduates, alumni, and members of the faculty" (The Bowdoin Quill, Vol. I, No. 2, 1897).

Article submitted by The Quill staff.

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