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Bowdoin Employees Asked to Update Personal Directory Data Online

Story posted July 21, 2006

Notice to Bowdoin Employees

The Human Resources Department has made it easier and more convenient for employees to review and update their personal directory data by using an online form. This information is used for the Bowdoin College catalogue, print, and online directories, and the HR employee database. This online form replaces the printed personal data collection form that has been used for several years.

Employees have the option to list both office and personal contact information in the College's online and print directories. The College respects and wishes to protect employees' privacy. Employees should be aware that if they choose to include personal contact information, it may become available to the general public.

HR works with the Office of Communications and Public Affairs to restrict the distribution of print directories to employees, students, and trustees only, but cannot always prevent the circulation of these directories beyond campus. The online external directory is publicly available on Bowdoin's Web site.

To update directory information, employees should go online to:

Once logged in, the employee will see the information on file for them as of July 15, 2006.


1. If the information is correct, simply click _Send Updates_ to submit the form.

2. If you would like to make a change, use the online form to specify your preferences about how and where your personal data will appear in each form of the directory. Some data about you will necessarily appear in the print and campus online version. However, you may include or exclude other data by selecting "Yes" or "No" in the adjacent box. You may change other types of data (e.g., home address, telephone number) by typing current information in the appropriate box. Changes will be processed through the summer months and will be reflected in September 2006.

3. If you believe that some data is incorrect but this form does not give you the opportunity make a correction (e.g., job title), please contact your supervisor to initiate appropriate action. (Note: July 1, 2006, title changes are not necessarily reflected and will be updated in late July-early August.)

4. Emergency contact information for every employee is maintained in the HR database and is separate from the directory. Review and update your emergency contact data. The online form cannot be successfully submitted without this information. Be sure to include cellular telephone numbers if appropriate.

Forms must be submitted by Bowdoin employees by August 11, 2006.

Call Human Resources at ext. 3837 with further questions.

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