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Bowdoin's Google Earth Site Opens New Vistas

Story posted May 04, 2006

Visiting the Bowdoin campus just got a little easier, virtually speaking. The College recently launched a highly detailed multimedia map of the campus using Google™ Earth - a new, free downloadable software program that gives users a bird's-eye view of the College and surrounding environs.

Bowdoin aerial photo
A screen-capture detail from Bowdoin's Google™ Earth site shows a bird's-eye view of the Quad.

Bowdoin's Google™ Earth Project combines satellite imagery, maps, text, web links and multimedia content. The map, which runs on Mac or PC, offers high-resolution aerial photos of the campus showing key locations such as admissions, academic buildings, residence halls and athletic fields.

Layers of the map can be turned on or off, allowing viewers to see even more information, including an alphabetical listing of buildings, departmental offices, libraries and museums, residences, parking areas and sites of interest in Brunswick and surrounding areas.

The site also includes links to all departmental web pages and other multimedia resources, such as web cams.

"This offers an exciting new way for people to experience Bowdoin," says the project leader, David N. Israel, a member of Bowdoin's Information Technology division.

David Israel
"This medium lets people get the lay of the land," notes project leader David N. Israel. "It's a wonderful way to move forward with mapping technology."

"Viewers can choose their perspective and the depth of information they wish to explore," he says. "They can see where we are in relation to Portland, Boston and places beyond - or they can zoom in to a single building and learn about its history and the range of disciplines taught there. It's a completely customizable experience."

In the next phase of development, Israel and several Bowdoin students will be developing detailed 3-D representations of buildings to bring the campus even more fully alive.

"Many students and faculty are attracted to Bowdoin because of the beauty of its campus, its historical richness, and the friendliness of the community," notes Bowdoin's Chief Information Officer Mitch Davis. "We are trying to put some of that feeling online. We hope this will encourage even more people to visit the College."

To access Bowdoin's Google™ Earth map and learn how to install the free software, visit Bowdoin's Google™ Earth Map web page.

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