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Bowdoin College to Assist in Hurricane Rebuilding Efforts

Story posted September 02, 2005

In response to the destruction and desperation caused by Hurricane Katrina, Bowdoin College will contribute $30,000 to three historically African-American colleges facing substantial recovery and reconstruction costs in Louisiana and Mississippi.

Bowdoin announced today that it will donate $10,000 each to Dillard University and Xavier University of Louisiana in New Orleans, and Tougaloo College in Jackson, Mississippi. The College also announced that it would invite faculty from the three colleges to apply for a limited number of visiting professorships at Bowdoin during the spring semester (beginning in January), which would include housing for the faculty member and his or her family. Bowdoin is also offering flexible payment plans for its students whose families live in areas hit hard by the hurricane.

"The Bowdoin College community is deeply troubled by this terrible disaster unfolding far from our campus," said Bowdoin College President Barry Mills. "We are an educational community that has long pledged itself to serving the common good, and we are unified in our desire to help those most in need as they work to rebuild and recover from this storm and its aftermath."

Bowdoin, which opened its 204th academic year on Wednesday (August 31) with a full enrollment, currently has seven students from New Orleans, and a number of other students from areas affected by Hurricane Katrina, including Jackson, Mississippi. In addition, more than 40 graduates of the College live in areas affected by Katrina.

On Friday, Bowdoin created a message board on its Web site ( to facilitate communication about the hurricane and recovery efforts among current students and their families, alumni, and friends of the College. The message board also provides information for members of the Bowdoin community seeking to make donations for those in need.

According to Mills, Bowdoin students, faculty, and staff will be discussing additional steps that may be taken in the weeks and months ahead to assist the victims of the disaster.

"We want to take meaningful steps that will make a difference," he said. "As events unfold, I am confident that members of our community - including Bowdoin alumni across America and around the world - will respond with generosity, compassion, and resolve."

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