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Employees Recognized for Milestone Years of Service

Story posted June 16, 2005

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At the 2005 Polar Award Ceremony held June 15, 116 Bowdoin employees were recognized for milestone years of service at the College. The introduction of each milestone year (25, 20, 15, 10, and 5) included reminiscences of what was going on in the world, in the country, and at Bowdoin at the time the employees were hired.

25 Years of Service
(Presented by Craig Bradley, Dean of Student Affairs)

Twenty-five years ago a first class stamp costs 15 cents, John Lennon was killed, and Ronald Reagan was sworn in as President. Here on campus, the College awarded the Computing Center $20,000 to modernize the College computer -- yes, one computer -- which at the age of 10, was constantly breaking down and malfunctioning. Bowdoin has scores of employees who have been here greater than 25 years -- a wonderful testimony to their ability to work around that malfunctioning computer, and their devotion to their positions and this College community as a whole. Celebrating 25 years at Bowdoin are:

Mark Dickey
Barbara Weiden Boyd
Jeffrey Nagle
Susan Wegner

20 Years of Service
(Presented by Scott Meiklejohn, Planning and Development/President's Office)

Twenty years ago, Mikhail Gorbochev was in power, touting perestroika and glasnost. The cost of a first class stamp was 22 cents. And for the first time, the College received more early decision applications from women than men, with an overall 18% increase in all applications. In 1985, heavy February rains led to an increased interest in paddle sports, specifically kayaking -- on the Quad. Celebrating 20 years at Bowdoin are:

Rickie Black
Louise Caron
Rachel Connelly
Donna Conrad
Gregory DeCoster
Raymond Fisher
Timothy Hagar
John Hersey
Susan Kaplan
Lou Macneill
Linda Marquis
James McCalla
Karl Perkins
Carey Phillips
Marilyn Reizbaum
Harriet Richards
Rosemary Roberts
Guy Saldanha
William VanderWolk
Mark Wethli
Dana Wilson

15 Years of Service
(Presented by Nigel Bearman, Controller's Office)

In 1990, the USSR was dissolving and the Persian Gulf War was in full swing with Iraqi troops invading Kuwait. Nelson Mandela was freed after 27 1/2 years in a South African prison. On the home front, "Seinfeld" and "The Simpsons" made their debuts. Our faculty decided to change the grading system from High Honors/Honors/Pass/Fail to the ubiquitous A/B/C/D/F. And a leak at Dayton Arena just 24 hours prior to the beginning of the ice hockey season forced our teams to play on the road the rest of the year. Celebrating 15 years at Bowdoin are:

David Burgess
Timothy Carr
Jane Collins
Patricia Gipson
Scott Hood
William Kunitz
Claire Levesque
Joyce Mayer
Thomas McCabe
Noma Petroff
Michael Pruner
Jaime Reatiraza
Donna Ricker
Nancy Russell

10 Years of Service
(Presented by Tim Foster, Dean of Student Affairs Office)

The year 1995 brought change: an American space shuttle docked with the Russian space station, Mir; Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead died; and Dolly became the first successfully cloned sheep. The campus changed, too. The David Saul Smith Union opened; Moulton Union underwent a renovation; and the College broke ground on the new science center now known as Druckenmiller Hall. Over one thousand boxes of personal papers were donated to the College by George J. Mitchell '54. Celebrating a decade at Bowdoin are:

Cindy Bessmer
Charles Blier
Susan Burtt
Karen Cook
Mary Cote
Roberta Davis
Deborah Deveaux
Anna-Lena Flotten
Stephen Hall
Herman Holbrook
Sree Padma Holt
Diane Hurd
Elaine Kawamura
Bernard LaCroix
Genevieve LeMoine
Ethel Medlen
Deborah Miller
Leo Nadeau
Marjorie Parker
Margaret Schick
Michael Schiff-Verre
Benjamin Scott
Trevor Williams
Richard Yanok

5 Years of Service
(Presented by Randy Shaw, Alumni and Development Affairs)

In 2000 we were concerned with hanging chads and sagging stocks. The Yankees, currently in fourth place in the American League East, won the World Series, and Richard Hatch won the first season of "Survivor." Carl Bernstein lectured on the relationship between politics and the media on campus but he did not reveal that Deep Throat was Mark Felt. Celebrating five years at Bowdoin are:

Brian Ainscough
Delia Austin
Ann Barbay
R. Elizabeth Barnhart
Karen Bergeron
Lisa Bouchard
Bruce Boucher
Elizabeth Bunting
Bradford Burnham
Joann Canning
David Caputi
Anne Clifford
Kristi Clifford
Sherry Cousins
Marjorie DiVece
Vivian Dorman
Randall Downer
Sara Eddy
Katherine Farnham
Rebecca Fournier
Andrew Ian Graham
Linda Hatstat
Anne Henshaw
Nadine Holmes
Steven Keller
James Kelley
Andrew Kiernan
Laura Latman
Richard Lindemann
Janet Lynch
Christina Main
Lacey McCarthy
Amy Minton
Caroline Moseley
Ronald Oburn
Matthew O'Donnell
Joan Olson
Susan Poulin
F. Thomas Radulski
Bridget Raynes
Jeramey Reed
Andrea Richards
Zoe Rote
Michael Roux
Anne Shields
Sara Smith
Scott Steinberg
Cheryl Stevens
Cindy Stocks
Wendy Thompson
Simonne Tupper
Michael Veilleux
Nancy Wagner
Peter Wagner

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