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Four Professors Named to Tenure Positions in 2005

Story posted May 18, 2005

Assistant professors Joe Bandy, Thomas Baumgarte, Jennifer Clarke Kosak, and Richmond R. Thompson have been promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure, effective July 1, 2005. The Board of Trustees voted on their promotions during their May 12-14 meeting on campus.

Joe Bandy

Joe Bandy, Sociology and Anthropology, works on social movement organizations and their responses to global economic change, with a concentration on environmental justice and labor movements in the U.S. and Mexico. His course work is often highly interdisciplinary, with courses cross-listed in Environmental Studies, Latin American Studies and Gender and Women's Studies. Bandy has published several articles, presented 23 professional papers, and is co-editor of the book Coalitions Across Borders: Transnational Protest and the Neo-Liberal Order (2004) with Jackie Smith. He earned his B.A. in Psychology and Anthropology/Sociology from Rhodes College and a M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. He joined the Bowdoin faculty in 1998.

Thomas Baumgarte

Thomas W. Baumgarte, Physics and Astronomy, is a numerical relativist whose research involves supercomputer simulations of neutron stars and black holes. He has published almost 50 papers in refereed journals, and presented at many conferences, seminars and colloquia around the world. In 1998, Baumgarte published a new formulation of Einstein's equations, which continues to be used by many astrophysicists worldwide. He has received several grants from the National Science Foundation and in 2004 was awarded a prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship. Baumgarte earned both his Diplom and Doctorate in Physics at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. He joined the Bowdoin faculty in 2001.

Jennifer Clarke Kosak

Jennifer Clarke Kosak, Classics, specializes in Greek language and literature, with particular interest in Greek tragedy, Greek and Roman medicine, and Greek intellectual history and gender studies. She has published numerous articles and reviews and is the author of the book, Heroic Measures: Hippocratic Medicine in the Making of Euripedian Tragedy (2004). Kosak received a fellowship in 2003 from the Loeb Classical Library Foundation. She earned her A.B. in Classics from Harvard-Radcliffe and her Ph.D. in Classical Philology from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Kosak joined the Bowdoin faculty in 1999.

Rick Thompson

Richmond R. Thompson, Psychology and Neuroscience, studies how the brain processes social stimuli and uses that information to organize behavioral output, particularly emotional interactions related to sex and aggression. Current lab research focuses on the mechanisms through which the neuropeptides vasotocin (goldfish version) and vasopressin (human version) influence social behavior. Thompson has received grants from the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health and publishes widely in peer-reviewed journals. Thompson earned his B.S. in Biology/Psychology from Furman University and his Ph.D. in Biopsychology from Cornell University. He joined the Bowdoin faculty in 1999.

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