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Searching for the Class of 2009

Story posted January 14, 2005

With the January 1 deadline for admission to Bowdoin College now past -- and with a little clerical help from members of the Women's Ice Hockey Team -- the Admissions Office is in the process of opening envelopes and sorting more than 100,000 pieces of paper. It's all part of the ongoing process of admitting the Bowdoin Class of 2009.

Preliminary indications are that Bowdoin has received approximately 5,000 applications for the class, which will ultimately include 480 students from across the United States and from several foreign countries. Approximately 135 members of the class have already been admitted under the first of Bowdoin's two early decision programs. Another 35-40 students will be admitted in mid-February under the second early decision program. The remaining applicants will be notified of Bowdoin's decision in late March or in early April.

Members of the Women's Hockey team help Admissions open a few thousand pieces of mail.

According to Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid James S. Miller, Bowdoin has seen a significant increase this year in the number of students applying "online" -- from about 30 percent a year ago to 45 percent this year. Miller says each application will be read by two members of the Admissions staff before being presented with preliminary recommendations to the full 11-member Admissions Committee. Applications for financial aid are evaluated separately by the Student Aid Office in keeping with Bowdoin's policy of "need-blind" admissions.

Bowdoin remains one of the nation's most selective colleges, admitting fewer than a quarter of those who apply.

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